Saturday, November 26, 2011

219 Days - Wedding; Lifetime to go for weight loss though.

Today, another Thanksgiving Dinner. Ugh. All the food was yummy. And I figured out that Pumpkin Pie is a migraine trigger.

Yesterday I got to the gym to meet up with Dave. My back and "tonkles" hurt. (Tonkles = Talus area, Deltoid Ligament) I called it a tonkle because when I described it to Dave, we didn't know the correct body part name of the thing that hurt. It's the point where my foot connects to my leg, and it's above my ankle, or the Top, so Tonkle. :) And they both hurt. Yesterday and this morning. It was from all the miles I logged since that ligament is not used to walking so much. It hurts often - sometimes if I spend too much time in my steel toes for work it'll hurt.

Since my back was aching, we did lighter weights and a few planks.

The great thing about Dave is that I don't give him BS and he trusts me when I tell him that something aches. I have a tendency to tense up my neck with doing bicep curls. I don't know if it's my form or too much weight. Dave's working with me on it, but he's stumped too. But it's good... since I was aching from all the miles logged, he didn't make me stress it any more. :)

Today was a break from working out. Tomorrow I plan to do some DVDs and log a mile or so. I don't want to stress my body and I know I need to ease into it so I don't continue to have an ache in my deltoid.

Schedule for the week:
Sunday - DVD work out
Monday - PT with Dave
Tuesday - Rest Day (but lots of streching)
Wednesday - PT with Dave

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