Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Every day is a good day when you run

The treadmill has arrived!!!

I really am that excited to be running in my basement. I'm not much of a runner anymore and it'll take some training to get back into a solid groove. Last night I logged 1.2 miles in about 20 minutes. Tonight I knocked out 2.3 in 38 minutes.

We purchased the NordicTrack Commercial 1500 from Sears. I thought we were going to purchase it from the NT website since it offered free shipping and I found a 10% coupon. However, upon talking with the Sears' representative, we found out the C1500 was part of their Friends and Family sale and on sale for $1169. It was 10% off, and shipping, AND ASSEMBLY would be $70. SOLD. Note - NordicTrack wants $249 to move it to any room and assemble it. I should add that I already knew the unit weighed 315 pounds and was trying to figure out how Jason and I (and his techs) would get it to our basement. And yes, Jason and I are more than capable of putting a treadmill together -- but then I wouldn't have this picture of me running last night, instead I'd have a picture of 8,000 parts spread out on the floor.

What you don't see is that about 10 feet in front of the treadmill is a TV w/ Cable and DVD player. And two layers of gym mats for exercising to the TurboFire and other workout DVDs and of course, stretching after running.

Dinner tonight was the 6 pt Parmesan Breaded Tilapia (Sam's Club item.) They are very yummy. I don't eat it with Tartar Sauce though. Had a nice big salad too. I didn't eat all my points today. And I really really really really really want pumpkin pie. Am trying to figure out how I can have pie for breakfast.

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