Monday, November 21, 2011

The Other Man in My Life

Dave's the other man in my life. I started seeing him in June. Twice a week. Yes, Jason knows all about Dave. Tonight was workout number 32. The weight loss hasn't been there, but the inches have dropped off. You can see the difference, when I'm naked, in the dark. :)

Dave is great, he pushes me, sometimes I cry, sometimes I yell, sometimes my body shakes from doing so many planks. But it's good. I'm getting stronger. Since I am a vegetarian, I drink protein shakes too, at Dave's request.

Came home and had some battered (baked) cod (oh yea, I eat fish) and tartar sauce. Tartar sauce is 4 weightwatchers points for 2 tablespoons. It was worth it. I ate light all day preparing for yummy fish for dinner. I had a salad too, but that's a normal thing.

Next PT - Friday at 2pm. It's perfect. I can't overeat on leftovers for lunch! And since there's Thanksgiving dinners on both Thursday and Saturday, a Dave workout is perfect.

Treadmill delivery tomorrow at 8am. Treadmill run tomorrow night, and a Sam's Club run.

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