Sunday, December 4, 2011

25 Days of Fitness

The new trend this year (for adults) is a 25 Days of Fitness. You can download your own Advent Calendar here and post it on your fridge to remind you to do some sort of exercise each day until Christmas. We're only a couple days into December, but it's worth catching up and doing. And remember that some form of movement is better then no movement. You can knock out 20 Situps, Pushups, a plank or two, and repeat that during each commercial break of your favorite TV show.

Personally, it's hard to work out everyday. Mostly, I don't wanna do it. And I know my body can't. Or well, my body cannot run everyday, and I like to forget that frequently, like this past weekend. I got in a great run Friday. I followed the running program I previously listed and knocked out all 6 Repeats. I felt amazing. If I wasn't in a time crunch, I would have knocked out a couple more intervals. Saturday, I tried to repeat this amazing feeling and progress. Not so much. I crapped out after 16-minutes. I walked until 20 and then did a 10-minute stretch from my TurboFire DVDs.

So today, my plan is to knock out some push-ups and sit-ups and planks because I need to rest from running. I am not a Daily Runner yet. I need to remind myself sometime that one good run doesn't mean I can run that well less then 24 hours later. I need to vary my workouts.

Weight update - 206.5. I need a scale that does better than 0.5 increments. I have this one on my Amazon Wish list. I research everything, even scales. :)

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