Friday, December 9, 2011

Crash and Eat. And Eat some more.

This week I crashed. Not only did I fall off the WeightWatchers Wagon, but it kinda hit a bump, threw me off, and ran over me. Twice.

I know what happened - I stopped tracking. Then I stopped measuring. Then I stopped trying. I do this about every 10-11 weeks. This won't be my first post on this subject. I'd say every 2 months I hit a wall, lose a week, and have to practically start over. I don't know why I can't just Lose One Day. Maybe that's a myth?

Work was really hard. Especially Thursday and Friday. Not hard as in difficult work to handle, but hard as in Hard to Swallow. I messed up on a project. The budget of the project. I had to write off $4,700. It slowly accumulated over the past 12 months, and about half of it in November. The upper management (another office, not my Boss) was ZERO help. He blew it off, blew me off, kinda blamed me for not asking for a Change Order from the client right away. This client is difficult and time consuming to begin with. Back in November I had to drop everything I was doing to respond to this client's demands. It cost me 12 hours of time -- that I just wrote off. The project was probably doomed anyway. And my Boss is ok with what happened, he understands part of the write-off was not my fault. I had to fill out a form, hang my head in shame, and do the hokey pokey, and while I would like to say I have picked my head back up, I haven't. I'm still embarrassed on this erroneous error I should have caught in July. It was poor project management on my part.

In other work related news, my yearly write-up (as in, how much money my projects have profited), is $30,000. With the above write-down, and the last billing cycle, I should have about $32,000 write-ups for the year. For my job, and the 10-12 projects I manage, $32k is awesome. The other E-team members are not doing that well. Some have write-downs, some have write-ups. I lead the pack though.

Goal for the week:
Keep the run on. I had some great runs this week. I really worked hard to hit 25 Days of Fitness and took yesterday was my first rest day in 8 days.
TRACK TRACK TRACK. Starting with tomorrow. :)

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