Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Week & Crab Quiche

So after these past couple of days and yesterday's awful depressing post, it's time for change!

Today is a new day. I've made some general changes. I've changed my weigh-in day to Saturday. I did this because lately I've been weighing-in on Fridays, and then eat crap on Friday and Saturday. A weigh-in on Saturday will mean I have to give attention to what I eat on Fridays.

I stopped creating weekly menus. I used to spend Friday evening planning my menus and grocery list. This tool is the best way to stay on track. Since I'm able to eat lunch at home every day, I also plan that out. Though usually it's zero-pt veggie soup and/or a salad. My splurge with my soup is bread.

Today I made a Crab Quiche. I had to grate the Swiss Cheese (Thanks Ninja!), and it turned out well. The only downside, point wise, is the crust. The recipe is different from my normal go-to Broccoli Mushroom Quiche recipe, and most Crab Quiche Recipes I looked at used half-and-half or evaporated milk instead of regular milk. Since the crust is such a waste of calories/points, I found this Crab Quiche recipe I will try next time. (Note, the crust less recipe is 4PP for 6 servings, the crust one is 9PP for 6 servings or 7PP for 8 servings.) However, I do not have a Quiche Pan. So I added it to my Registry and will hopefully get it soon.

So this week's exercise schedule.
Saturday - Knocked out a run.
Sunday - Video (30 Day Shred or Turbo Fire) & Walk on Treadmill
Monday - Run & PT
Tuesday - Yoga/Stretch/Rest
Wed - Run & PT
Thursday - DVD
Friday - Run

Tentative Menu Plan -
Saturday - Possible dinner out
Sunday - Salad, Quiche
Monday - Dinner: Soup
Tuesday - Dinner: Beef Wellington (For Jason), Stuffed Fish (for Meghan), Potato's
Wednesday - Leftovers? Kinda at a loss. I'm usually not that hungry after working out. I might just have a Protein Shake
Thursday - Pork Chops (for Jason), Stove Top Stuffing
Friday - Leftovers/Soup.

I just realized I need to plan even better. Grrr...

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