Sunday, December 11, 2011

A vegatarian who eats meat

So I'm vegetarian. I stopped eating meat in order to tackle my cholesterol issue. Becoming Vegan is the best way to tackle it. But um. I love cheese. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Cheese. So Vegan is not an option, but giving up meat, cutting back on cheese & dairy are feasible options to tackle a health issue. I could be SOL and wind up on cholesterol medication anyway. Both my parents have high cholesterol and are on medication, so the odds are stacked against me.

Aside from wanting to avoid being on medication, you are discouraged from becoming pregnant while on the medication. AND, once on the medication, it's hard to stop the medication to work on becoming pregnant. So since I do want to bear children someday (after the wedding of course), I want to avoid  becoming the medication.

So in summary, I'm a vegetarian. And about twice a month I eat meat. Usually it's something that's super bad for you - like Wendy's Spicy Chicken, a Big Mac... um.. yea, those are my biggest splurges with Weight Watcher Points and my Meat Craves. However, I have a lot of meat in my freezer, including things I put together long before I went veggie.

One of those was this dish. It wasn't a 30-minute meal, but back when I made it I made 18 of them at once so I could freeze some, give some away, and have future meals. This was the last 3 in the freezer and I cooked them up tonight. My only additional to Rachel Ray's dish is to add a little chicken broth in the pan to keep the chicken moist.

Florentine Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Recipe

Depending on the ingredients used, it's 7 WW points. It's a decent meal, very filling, and if you are trying to entertain company, it's a loving dish that looks like it took all day to put together!

I was discussing meal plans with Jason, and decided that I'm going to make a list of meals that I can make and keep that as a reminder of what to pick and choose from for meal planning. I'll probably post a list here at some point, with links to all the recipes. Mostly for me, a little for ya'll.

For 25 Days of Fitness -- It's day 11. I've done something every day except 2 (the 8th and 9th). While I don't think I can exercises 14 straight days (OMG! TWO WEEKS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!), I know I will try and it'll get me in the habit of exercising everyday.

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