Monday, January 16, 2012

168 Days Left.... Biggest Loser Competition

The past two weeks. I'm not sure what has happened, I can't believe January is already half over!

I picked out my dress this weekend. And the MOH dress. And the MOH and I finalized details for the Bridal Shower and the Bachelorette party ideas. I don't want to pay those stupid games for my Bachelorette Party, and I'm super duper excited that my MOH actually listens to me. And understands me. We had a great weekend together.

Sunday at work we started a Biggest Loser Competition. It's a $20 buy-in and the winner (both male and female winners chosen) get $285. That's a LOT of money!! So that's my goal. WIN. $285 dollars. The contest ends on April 29th. That's the motivation I need to get on track! And my dress fitting is May 1.

So today I attempted to eat well. I had my protein shake (2) points, 2 bananas, a late lunch of a 6-inch Subway sandwich. Then the fiance, who is my #2 Saboteur (I'm my #1), brought home cheese pizza! Why couldn't he get bacon on it like his brother? I devoured 3 emotional pizza slices.

So I headed downstairs. I did some punching (that helped a lot!), planks, chest presses, triceps, then knocked out 1.5 something miles on the treadmill, burning 500 calories on the treadmill.

My goal is to do 30-minutes of something each night. Whether it's just walking or a combo of things and my DVDs.

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