Sunday, January 29, 2012

Guinea Pig

I like to use Jay Robb Protein. The vanilla whey is my favorite and it's obvious because a large container sits on my counter top. I make protein shakes often, especially since I've given up meat.

I've "Liked" both his and his wife's facebook page and they had a simple post about the new book and the new diet. It's called The Jay Robb Diet for Women. I have an advanced copy and am following the book and the diet for 3 weeks. In summary, you should follow the diet for 60 days and from what I understand so far, you'll be carb and sugar free! It sounds so scary. I'm willing to give anything a try, especially to help out a writer and my favorite Protein Guru.

So Day 1 - not a complete fail. I still had a veggie burrito which was bad because of the tortilla and the milk in the egg mixture. In order to take part in the project, I was required to start the diet by tomorrow. It's tough to just jump in when I have a fridge full of other food that needs eaten. I'm trying to make do. I might just freeze the carrot bisque.

For dinner I purchased fish from Sam's Club and had my allotted 3-ounces of Salmon. We grilled and Jason had steak. We also had some of those microwaveable potatoes. I ate half and had a small spinach salad.

In other daily news -- Jason and I purchased our wedding rings today! I've been having nightmares of not having the rings at our wedding ceremony. I wasn't sure what I wanted, and Jason wasn't sure what he wanted, but we wound up with matching rings.

Also, I'm trying to save the environment and my bank account - one dryer load at a time. I've started hanging up the laundry to dry. It's easiest with sheets and towels. We don't have a lot of room downstairs to dry things, but a triple clothes line is hung up. I might look this summer to hang something through the yard. Anything to save money.

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