Monday, January 30, 2012


I'm ready to eat anything.

Day 2. I cheated and had some coffee with my Tbsp of International Delight - Carmel. Oooh it was good. Past that, I've had a protein shake, fruit, almond butter, more fruit, veggies, fish, almonds, fruit, cottage cheese, more fish, a 1/2 a sweet potato. And I'm still hungry.

And I've sniffed some Mint M&Ms.

I've drank almost 100 ounces of water. Now that I cut out my 44oz after Dt. Dr. Pepper.... yea...

I also had a nasty headache today. Probably due to lack of sugar, carbs, and caffeine. I can't determine which. However, I can say that my "gas" issue has been much much better. I think it's actually the carbonation from the soda. It could be the sugar and/or carbs.

I would compare the Jay Robb Diet for Women to a Paleo Diet. I can have rice tortillas and oatmeal. I plan to get some rice tortillas later when I break out the frozen burrito filling. Since I can have the burrito filling (though I am unsure how the ratio of the food amounts are to the allotted amounts though), it would be nice to keep it gluton free and have the brown-rice tortillas. It's my understanding that Trader Joe's carries them.

Once my stomach finishes devouring itself, I could stick with this diet. But I'm not sure how I'll stick to it when I'm in the field for 3 weeks. I can stick with it fairly well at breakfast, drink a protein shake, eat a protein bar for lunch some days, but dinner is the hard part. I'd have to make sure I eat fish and veggies at the restaurants. And it's a bummer that the Panera and Olive Garden and Ruby Tuesdays are our favorite places in Champaign.

The Diet Guru's Wife (Jay Robb's wife), posted her breakfast this morning. She got the idea (I think) from here.  They look really easy to make, and even though I don't eat ham, they would be a great thing to make for a brunch group or large breakfast.

Wow. Only Monday? Crud. :(

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Yum Yucky said...

I've had my Ninja for almost a year now and I love it soooo much. Good luck with your cholesterol results! And I hope the M&M's sniffing continues to go well. hehehe