Sunday, January 22, 2012


I like TV. Every fat girl does. :) And if I miss a TV show, I have to sit down and stare at the laptop to catch up. And sometimes it loads, sometimes it freezes, sometimes I have to wait 8 days (Thanks Fox!). So I purchased a DVR. It's already made my life easier. It arrived Saturday - so I had plenty of time to figure it out! And we even recorded Alcatraz last night (the Pilot re-aired) and I had wanted to see it, but it wasn't on at a convenient time.

While I will be watching just as much TV as before, I am not tied down to my TV schedule. If I am having a great run and it's 6:55, I don't have to think about quiting it just because it's almost 7 and such and such is on. And with skipping commercials, TV watching will go quicker.

I had a great week last week! From Sunday to Saturday I got in 5 great workouts. That's 5 Gold Stars. My goal this week is another 5 stars. I did not work out today, but I am exhausted because I've been nonstop. We started with grocery shopping, then prepping for Breakfast Burritos and the Chopped veggies for the week. And making the burritos and two quiches. My only down time was going to see MI4 (pretty awesome, first Mission Impossible movie I've seen.), and watching one episode of Lost Season 4.

Skinny vibes to everyone! Food plan for this week:
We still have lots of leftovers. Jason and I manged to eat dinner and lunch IN every day this past week/weekend except for Jason going to Jimmy John's one night (I had chili.) We still have leftover Chili, Broccoli Soup, Spaghetti Squash, Quiche, and plenty of Salad.

Tomorrow night I am making Burritos. And on Thursday I plan to make a Carrot Bisque. Instead of heavy cream it uses coconut milk. It'll be another soup for the possibly cold week.

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