Sunday, February 26, 2012

Cha - cha - changes

This past week I gained a little weight. That's ok. I've gone from the 200.2 to 200.8. No biggie. This week I'll skip the cheeseburger. Or not. Who I am kidding? That was an amazing cheeseburger. :)

I saw Dave yesterday. We discussed my lack of weight loss, and how much my body has changed. I'm not sure how I'm not losing when I can see these huge changes in my body - overall, I have lost 17 pounds of fat. I can see where I'm much skinnier and not as flabby. While I've noticed and Jason has noticed, Dave has noticed too! So hopefully other people eventually start to notice.

My wedding dress came in and I picked it up yesterday. I left it at my parents house because, well, I'd probably be sitting around in it! My dress fitting is May 1 so I still have some time before it's

Since I've been traveling for a few weeks, our grocery budget and eating budget have been cut drastically! This Sunday and last Sunday we've purchased good meat from "the counter" and cooked it. Last week I got Jason a filet wrapped in bacon and I had some sort of steak. Tonight we had chicken stuffed with ham and cheese. We've also had baked potatoes and veggies. Tonight's meal was so-so. The ham & cheese tasted too processed. I could have made something better and less salty. We do enjoy these "date meals" though and will probably do them more often. Having a decent Steak & Potato in is much better than going out.

This week - travel 4-5 days, meals out of town again. I need to make sure I get enough sleep each night so I have enough energy to work out each night. My goal is to do 2 cardio workouts and 2 AB workouts. I'm packed, the yoga mat is packed, I'm ready to knock it out! :)

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