Friday, February 24, 2012

Have Yoga Mat, Will Travel

This past week I spent 3 nights in a hotel in Champaign, IL. My boss attended UofI and everytime I/we go, he tells us all the cool college hangouts we should go. Ya know, the places that were cool 18 years ago when he was there. We always skip those places.

The last trip (it's nicknamed AGRO work), Eric and I ate a lot of junk food snacks and fast food. This time we vowed to spend a little more money and eat better. The first night we ate at Red Lobster. I had the grilled shrimp and a lot of broccoli. The second night I was craving a cheeseburger and we went to Ruby Tuesdays. I had an amazing bad-for-your-arteries cheeseburger and broccoli. Wednesday night we ate at Panera. I had a bread bowl of broccoli cheddar. Each day for breakfast I ate very little, egg and meat, no carbs, and lunch was a JayRobb Bar. (The fudge brownie ones are amazing.) I snacked on almonds and a few pieces of candy. My coworker, Julie, packed Eric and I a small bag of candy mix. A few mini-snickers and milky ways, some butterscotches and rootbeer barrels. The Rootbeer barrels are our favorite. We arm wrestled for the last one. I kicked him in the shin and won. (Just kidding..)

I know when I ate the cheeseburger and bread bowl that those items weren't the best choices for me. At home I can go into those restaurants and make good food choices, I really struggle when I am out of town. I am very vulnerable because of the conditions: the cold weather, the hotel - not sleeping, and stress. I'm also trying to manage a lot right now. Which is why even though we were back by noon Thursday, I worked until 5:45pm and was in the field at an IDOT project today. I managed to log an 53 hour week. I still have a few more things to complete.

My sanity is the fact that I took my yoga mat with me. Each night I got in some knee-slaps, planks, and side planks. I also did squats and pushups. And stretched. Really stretched. Those little things at least helped me convince myself I was doing something good for my body. Saturday (tomorrow) I have PT with Dave at 9:30am.

I leave Monday again for Week 2 of AGRO. We're staying Champaign again and I do expect 4 full days of work and possibly going into Friday. The 3rd week of the AGRO tour is up north. It'll be more driving then anything.

I am eager to return from this trip. Jason and I are going to do JayRobb's 3-day fruit flush and I'm going to continue with JayRobb's Diet. Jason has promised me he'll follow Jay Robb's healthy ways and eat what I eat. It would be nice to eliminate processed food from our diets. I'm curious too to see what Jason's bloodwork shows. He's headed to the doctor for a physical and bloodwork in a couple days. He hasn't been, let's say, ever... So hopefully his bloodwork is normal and we don't have to worry about his cholesterol or anything. I did jump on the scale this morning, I was up a few pounds. So I need to concentrate on the food choices and choose more wisely these next few weeks. I don't need to pack on all the pounds I lost, I need to continue to lose more. :)

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