Monday, March 5, 2012

6-pack Abs for March

I found this from Shrinking Jeans. It's an easy ab workout to do during March to help strengthen your abs. I shared it with a coworker and Jason and I are both doing it. It's a little tame for me though. I'm supposed to be doing 9 planks every other days (3 normal, 3 on each side), and 2 sets of 12 Knee Slaps (crunches). I'm supposed to add squats and push-ups too. But to do the March program EVERY night is the important part. My abs do hurt, but I also just gave them 50 knee slaps, 20 pushups, 9 planks, and 25 squats. I hate doing squats. I actually hate working out by myself. I wimp out and quit early.

The reason I have a trainer is to make me workout the full 30 minutes. To push me on doing longer planks. I'll be happy to get back to my 2-days a week with Dave. And I have so many plans to workout with Jason!

This is my last week in hotels. Breakfast today was a protein smoothie. Lunch was some deer sticks (Thanks Kory the driller!!) and a salad I made at home and brought with me. I had a slightly upset stomach (Thanks Deer Sticks), and we ate dinner at a restaurant next to the hotel. I had a char-boiled chicken breast, baked potato, and side salad. I also enjoyed their breadsticks. They won me over with the breadsticks. My stomach is feeling better since I put some basic bland food in it. I did my work out after eating (another great thing about eating light), and am all cleaned up and ready for bed.

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