Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A decade lost!

I finished the Jay Robb 3 Day Fruit Flush. I lost a total of 3.2 pounds in 3 days. I totally missed one aspect of the diet and didn't have a protein shake with dinner days 2 & 3! I learned a lot about my body and what it likes. It doesn't like to be hungry. I can't sleep if I'm hungry!

I'm actually really happy with the results and will probably do it again in a few weeks. The things I would change is to eat half a baked potato, not mix fruit (did that before I knew I couldn't), and make sure to get all the shakes in! Jason and I didn't wake until 11am in Sunday so we didn't drink all 4 shakes due to time. I would note that doing this on time change weekend wasn't a great idea, and having to bake potatoes the day we turned the heat off only warmed up our house that much more. As yummy as the fresh baked potato was, next time I'm just going to make all 3 (or 2) the same day. Only heat up the house once.

In all-star news, I have lost 11 pounds in the past 6.5 weeks! This is outstanding! I lost a Decade of weight! And I'm finally back under 200 pounds. Without JayRobb's new diet, I would still be stuck at 210. I have new motivation to keep losing weight AND keep it off! I love the "caveman" way. Most importantly, I need to remember that junk food upsets my stomach. Way too much. Must avoid all greasy foods.

Since I'm back in the groove of eating right, I need to make sure I get in lots of cardio!

The menu changed for the week. Jason had a meeting tonight and I had PT at 7pm. I had a protein shake.
Tomorrow night we're going to grill burgers. It'll be a nice treat - the meat. I haven't had meat in 4 days. :)

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