Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hard Work

Losing weight is hard work. Really hard.

I read My Skinny Jeans Dream blog. This girl is absolutely amazing! She is a true inspiration reminding everyone how long and how hard this journey this. She's on the brink of her 100-pounds and almost to goal. She started WeightWatchers in August 2010 and begin her blog in April 2011.

My highest weight was right after college. I weighed around 240 or 250. I don't actually know what my highest weight was, I never weighed myself. I know I was up to a size 20 in clothes and wasn't happy about it. After college I did something normal people do. I slept 8 hours a night. I ate at normal times. (Or kinda.) I didn't have a "real" job so I moved in to the Lake condo and worked night audit at Tan-Tar-A. I ate 2-3 meals a day, I swam, I biked, I slept 8+ hours. My biggest contributor to the college weight gain was the 2am Blizzards in the computer lab. In general, the lack of sleep with a whole lot of extra food equaled a massive weight gain.

So in all, from 2003 to now, I do have 100 pounds to lose. I was down to 175 pounds in the summer of 2004 before I moved and started a stressful job. Since 2004, I've gained weight, lost weight, gained weight, lost weight.. and here I am today. I am finally happy to report that I'm holding steady around 201 right now. I'm really excited to get back from my last week of field work and get back on the Jay Robb Diet. I'm now doing 2 Weight Loss challenges. The Biggest Loser through a coworker, and another through the entire company.

In other news - I'm saving the environment one laundry load at a time. Or mostly my gas bill. I've started hanging up my laundry to dry (we have laundry lines in the basement) and then toss it in the dryer for 10 minutes to fluff it up. I've encouraged Jason to try it also. So far we've done 4 loads of laundry this weekend and only 40 minutes of dryer time. With the programmable thermostat, we've already cut our gas bill down, and I hope to cut it even more with limited use of the gas dryer.

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