Monday, March 12, 2012

Meal Planning

I would say that weight loss is about 25% exercise, 25% mental/emotional, and 50% food.

As I get back in the groove of my caveman like diet, I am starting to gather up meal ideas that aren't just "grill fish, steam broccoli". I mean, I'm really good at those.. and they are super healthy, I need to branch out more.

I have been following a couple different websites/blogs.
What's Cooking Chicago This is a great blog with lots of amazing recipes and most importantly, freezer recipes. Freezer recipes are the staple for any busy mom, or for some my friends, future moms! Most of her recipes are basic, nothing complicated. I've added this one of my meal planning coming up: Chicken Enchiladas

I also like to check in with Skinny Taste and her recipe files. She has lot of healthy recipes too.

So my top goal is to get back into meal planning.
S-M-T evil 3 Day Fruit Flush. (I mean wonderful/awesome!)
Wednesday - both Jason and I are in the field and I have PT at 7pm. So we're having breakfast for dinner. Eggs, toast (for jason), stuff like that.
Thursday - we're grilling! Fish and Steaks, and um.. steamed broccoli. :)
Friday - Unsure yet, I am going shopping with my friend Jessica. We'll probably hit Panera or something.
Saturday - Corned Beef & Cabbage, Crock Pot
Sunday - all of the above as leftovers. Or we might make a special "date night". Instead of going out to eat, we make a nice meal and sit at the table to eat it.

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