Sunday, March 11, 2012


A lot of people who are trying to lose weight have their ups and downs and restarts.

The first two weeks in the field I did awesome! I tried my hardest to stick to the diet and did a really good job. Then this week showed up. Since I was sick (a total of 4 crappy days), my diet went out the window. Which is probably the #1 reason I was actually sick. I'm still not sure if it was the diet or if is was an illness.

But yesterday was my restart! I've started the day with eggs and toast, an ab and arm workout courtesy of Dave, chicken noodle soup, a fat-flush shake (Jay Robb), and a lot of water. I ate more chicken soup for dinner, and had Chips & Salsa at the trivia night. I ate a few "bad" things, but very minimal, and taking chips & salsa was a great idea. You can munch on it and not get too full.

Today Jason and I started Jay Robb's 3-day Fat Flush. It's not easy. Jason keeps joking about a cheeseburger on Wednesday. Today was hard. It's protein shakes. Water-ed down protein shakes. Not a lot of flavor, but whatever, it's only 1 Day of these drinks. For dinner we had a nice salad and baked potato. The potato was amazing. Tomorrow and Tuesday we eat fruit during the day, and another salad and baked potato for dinner.

I already feel TONS better. Just eating an avocado was great! It's amazing how much you can miss eating healthy. I'm excited about being back on the right track for healthy meals. My body took a beating last week and it needs to be treated good this week.

In amazing news -- the last weeks of travel and torture has paid off! I have accumulated enough points for 4-6 free nights in San Francisco at the Radison Fisherman's Wharf! It was a small goal I had in mind these past few weeks. I want to go next January for my birthday. I don't know how long Jason and I will stay, but we'll figure that out later this year (like August.) I should add that my landlord/friend moved to San Fran this year. So I get to see him too!

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