Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Life changes

It's been 2 weeks. I know, I know!

Things were going great. Losing weight, tracking food, keeping track! I headed to Pittsburgh last weekend (Friday April 20th) and my goal was to just enjoy myself with the new friends I would make. They had scheduled a Trolly Tour of Pittsburgh and a Cardinal's Baseball game. The training was for the Air & Waste Management Association, a volunteer organization that I am part of here in St. Louis.

Things didn't turn out the way planned. To keep this short, to the point, because it's a weight loss blog... Jason's mom passed away Saturday afternoon. It was very sudden. She'd been kinda ill during the week and either she had kidney failure or she was so dehydrated it led to kidney failure. The kidney failure raised her potassium level which wound up stopping her heart. She wasn't able to recover from that.

It's been a rough couple days -- and well, diet wise, just awful. Running around today and yesterday - no clue even how to get back on track. Today I had McDonald's breakfast, a Hershey bar, Jimmy Johns unwhich, half a butter braid, and large pickle. And I'm sure I'll eat something else yet.

I plan to work tomorrow and Thursday, and will most likely take off Friday and Monday. I had to cancel my personal training this week, and as exhausted as I am right now, it was the right decision. I am going to try and eat well tomorrow. I'm not sure what is even in my fridge to eat.

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