Friday, June 22, 2012

10 Days!!!

There is ONLY 10 (TEN!!) Days until my wedding!!

My dress fits, looks amazing, and I cannot wait to marry my wonderful fiance!!

We arrived in Georgia today and will get to Sarasota tomorrow. The car is loaded down, my parents drove too and their car is loaded! Luckily on the way home I might be able to lose a few items since I have 3 boxes full of wedding stuff. And tomorrow I'm stopping in Tampa at my highschool BFF's house to pick up things that I had mailed directly to her! She's awesome like that.

I'm really excited for this two week vacation too. I'm very excited to see my Florida family, and I get to spend some time with the highschool BFF, college BFF, and my sister, brother-in-law & his wife, and some other friends coming in! I'm really excited that my roommate from Richmond is coming down from Boston.

Ok, to be! Gotta get some sleep.

I need to rename this blog once I am married! Help!
Baby Making? :) Just kidding mom!

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