Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Food Coop

My friend Erin joined her local food coop and has gotten many of her friends involved, or so I like to think. They should!! Because the food coop is amazing!! You order a basket of produce every 2 weeks, and you can order a ton of extras! I'm trying to get my mom to do it. If you are in the St. Louis area & Illinois metro area, you should try it out.

 This week I got all this. And a bag of potatoes. I'm making baked potato soup (it's a crock pot recipe), and needed them.
For $21.50 I got all this:
Red Grapes
Plums Red
Cherry Tomatoes
Romaine Lettuce
3 # Sweet Potatoes
Green Peppers
And a 5-pound bag of Russet Potatoes cost me $1.70. 0.34-cents a pound!
I quickly steamed the broccoli and added it to my cheesy shells. It was super yummy. I'm still waiting on Jason to finish grilling the brats & burgers. It was a busy day for us. The puppy got neutered (we foster puppies for Stray Rescue), I was in the field, I had to pick up my co-op order, and I have (online) PE Review class.

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