Saturday, August 18, 2012


Groupon had a great deal on a juicer a few weeks ago. A juicer has been on my list of "wants" for awhile. That type of juicer is available at Macy's, for the same price that Groupon had it. (Back during the Groupon deal it was at $109 at Macy's.) The reviews I found online were good so I went ahead and purchased it.

With the food coop, I get a lot of extra veggies, this week included a couple pounds of sweet potatoes. I love sweet potatoes, Jason does not. I figured juicing them would help me use them. I created an "orange" juice using 2 sweet potatoes, a handful of baby carrots, and 2 small apples.  It was delicious. I'm trying to figure out how many calories are in the juice now.

I found this helpful website, but it's hard to find good juicing recipes. I don't want to throw in a whole bunch of things and make really crappy juice. It is hard to find other juice recipes. It's not like making an apple pie where millions of people have made pies and a standard recipe is out there.

Well - I started this blog before making dinner.. and should have finished it... because I cut myself something nasty and now can't type. Yeah for knife safety!

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