Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Personal Wellness Day

I've been like 1000000% burnt out lately. Just going going going and thought I was going to completely crash recently. I was getting to that moment where everything was making me cry. It's not a good demeanor for a professional woman. Just trying to handle it all. I'm not super woman, though I strive to be.

So I took today off. I cleaned my (Andy's)  desk/study and got some PE studying done. I want to pass this. I NEED TO PASS THIS. But I also need to find the time to study, like every day after work, at lunch, at work, the weekends, while I'm sleeping. I might try taking another day off next week (maybe Monday) so I can have a long weekend of studying. Just need to get this shit learned.

I already feel better, morale wise, knowing these are taken care of at home!

I'm getting back on track with eating right! Healthy breakfast protein shakes, fruit for snacks, lunch was leftover stuffed peppers, and dinner tonight was Spaghetti Squash and Tortellini with Marinara and First Roasted Tomatoes. Dessert? Gum. :-p

Tomorrow night we have FPU, so we'll have to chow down on some leftovers quickly, and then get to that. Thursday evening I have PT, and Friday I plan to study study study. Or curl up on the couch and watch movies all night long. :)

Friday is also payday so we'll figure out some meals for next week.

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