Sunday, March 17, 2013

Genetic Testing, JBJ, and rearranging!

Our genetic testing results came back. The nuchal translucency (NT) ulstrasound combined with blood work shows that our baby has a 1 in 8,000 chance of having down syndrom and 1 in 10,000 chance of having Edward's syndrome (trisomy 18) and/or (?) Patau syndrome (trisomy 13). The Tri 18 & Tri 13 are so rare that most babies miscarry before the end of the first trimester.

My odds, at age 33 started at 1 in 380 for down syndrome and 1 in 780 for the Tris.

This is great news.

It's not that "bad" news would have altered our decision to have a baby. The baby is coming. It's just one more way to be prepared before the baby comes. If I have a special needs child, I will need to prepare differently, and mostly in the financial sense.


My friend E loves Jon Bon Jovi. She's seen him 13 times in concert and since he finally started coming back to St. Louis, she gets a group together. Last Wednesday, March 13, he was in St. Louis for the 2nd time in 2 years! He was here in May 2011, the night of the Joplin Tornado, and before that it was November 2001. The concert was great! We had good seats wtih a ladies restroom right behind us. I peed 5 times over a 4 hour concert period. Good thing the other ladies let me have the aisle seat! My picture is a little blurry, taken with a phone that didn't know what to focus on. The concert was very loud but I enjoyed it. It was Baby G's first concert! My first concert (in my mom's belly) was Neil Diamond. Probably why I like Neil so much. Luckily Baby G is starting things off right -- Bon Jovi loving.

Also last week our new bed came in. From Skymall. That's right, we ordered something from Skymall! When we traveled to San Fran in January, I was looking at the catalog and fell in love with the storage platform bed. The bed has 6 drawers on each side. We have been looking for a platform bed with head board and after two months of deliberation, decided to purchase this. It didn't hurt that I got a 25% coupon as a February 28th special. First time I had seen a 25% off coupon and didn't think it would ever get better. So we ordered it. Jason got most of it put together this week (the drawers and small things attached) and his brother Tim came over today to help finish putting it together and also to move my dresser and Andy's grandfather's desk downstairs.

Along with the new bed, we also purchased a 9-cube shelf for the closet. For my clothes. I hate hanging up my clothes. Hate it. Don't do it, just pile clothes on the shelf in the closet. So we got a shelf for me. I do hang up a few things, but my wardrobe is mostly t-shirts and jeans and there's no need to hang those up all the time. I also cleaned out the clothes that already don't fit due to Baby G.

This weekend I also purchased some more work out clothes - men's shorts. I don't understand why women's shorts are soooo short. And I found a maternity bathing suit!

Note - in order to move the desk out of the future nursery, you must take off the door to the room, door to the basement, and hand rails. Sorry Andy, that desk is being sold with the house!

Our next doctor appointment is a check up the first week of April and another ultrasound the last week of April to find out the sex! We are planners so finding out the sex is really important. We'll announce it once we've told the family.

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Brigitte said...

You didn't find out the sex from your genetic testing? I thought that was part of it.