Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nursery for Baby G

Deciding on a nursery set has been the most difficult choice ever. What makes it hard is knowing the sky is the limit with cost (ha!). In truth, we can afford a lot of things, but I have no desire to spend money. Especially a lot of money. As Jason said, the child's bed shouldn't cost more than our bed.

After months of looking at furniture and discussing costs and the future, we finally decided on a set from Wal-mart. The Carter's Child of Mine Brookline set. The crib is 4-in-1 and will covert to a toddler bed, full size bed, and rocket ship. The dresser should hopefully last the kid through college (at UMR of course). The reviews were great so we took a chance and ordered it. The best feature of getting something from Wal-mart is the Ship-to-Store option. I don't understand why Target hasn't caught up. I'm not going to pay $40 to ship a dresser if you choose to sell the other items in store.

Today Baby G is 22 weeks. I'm not over half way done cooking this little guy! He's quite a kicker. Today he kicked me so hard I thought it was going to be like Alien and he was going to bust through my stomach. I never actually saw Alien, I just know the scene was mocked in Spaceballs. Yes, that's right, my scary movie knowledge comes from spoofs. May the Swartz be with you! (This joke was funnier when I wrote it yesterday on May 4th.)

It was a busy weekend. We managed to knock almost everything off our To Do list. We picked up the dresser from Wal-mart. We went to Carters to return all the girls clothes we bought and exchange them for boy clothes. We picked out mostly 9-month & 12-month clothes. I know at the baby shower people will probably gift a lot of 0-3 months. We'll take inventory after the baby shower to determine what else we need and then hit up Once Upon a Child to finish the infant wardrobe.

We also made it to Target to finish our baby registry. I'm much happier with Target instead of Babies R Us. BRU is expensive and the store is entirely overwhelming. Target has like 1/8th of the store dedicated to baby and it's much easier to get through. We got through there within an hour.

Then we headed to Cotton Babies to complete and edit our registry there. We already have a stash of 29 cloth diapers so there aren't a lot left to purchase. But, we do have quite a lot on the registry there that we'll still need to complete the cloth diapering accessory stash (such as wipes & diaper pail).

Future plans include hopefully painting the weekend of Memorial Day. We have to paint the guest room and convert it to my office. That means the bed is being removed from that room! We'll be replacing it in the future with a futon. Then we'll get the current office turned into the nursery. We haven't decided on colors yet.


Jenny Rew said...

When I was pregnant with Matthew, I made the stupid mistake of going into Babies R Us by myself. It was so overwhelming that I literally CRIED. Now the BRU in Richmond has moved to a combined Toys/Babies R Us and it's much more manageable. Good choice on the 4-in-1 crib! We're using Matthew's convertible crib for Baby Rew #2.

MegG said...

Agree! We mostly went in to look at furniture. I picked out a few crib/bedding items (like the mattress) and we looked some burp clothes/bibs/blankets. I skipped the overwhelming collection of bath toys, pacifiers, bottles, and safety stuff. I knew I would have a panic attack trying to make any decisions in that area.