Sunday, June 9, 2013

GD and the Weekend

I hate pinterest. Why are all my friends pinning pictures about sweets and pasta? Buggard.

The lack of calories I am eating is interesting. No wonder GD women lose weight.
Friday night we went shopping. Bought lots of healthy snacks like veggies and hummus and peanut butter and string cheese. A lot of the things we purchased I consider "convenience foods" because they are packaged in their serving size. Like the hummus and peanut butter. I hate measuring out 2 tablespoons of PB.. it's a useless thing to measure since it's so sticky.
Remember - I am supposed to aim for 45-60 carbs at each meal, and 15 for snacks.
I also should have a fasting number of <95, and 2 hours after the meal, <120.
My numbers Friday were great!
My carb numbers and readings were:
B - 16c; 97 mg/dL
L - 66c; 103
D - 61c; 87
Walking after dinner
I ate a lot of little snacks throughout the day and had 1695 calories, 232 carbs and only 85 grams of protein.

Saturday, I took a down turn after dinner.
Fasting - 89
B - 28c; 99
(I worked out with Dave between breakfast and taking my reading.)
L - 25c; 91
D - 78c; 153
For lunch I had Jimmy Johns. I got the Unwhich which made my sandwich 8 carbs. So I had to make up some carbs elsewhere -- so I chose chips. :) My sandwich (#12 Beach Club) with bread is 71 carbs. I wonder what my number would have looked like?
Dinner was a rough estimate based on the amount of lasagna I ate. I'm working with mom to get it built in recipe builder, but mom's been making it for so long that she kinda wings most of it. Hopefully it wasn't actually 78 carbs at dinner Saturday night, but it could have been less and it could have been more! I did eat a big helping, and had a salad and piece of Texas Toast. As Jason stated, almost everyone's numbers could have been elevated after the meal.
I had a sugar free sno cone and then a yogurt (11 c and 4 protein) before bed.
Saturday I ate (estimate) 2150 calories, 191 carbs, and 102 protein.
Sunday - Almost back on track
Fasting - 98
B - 28c; 146
I made a homemade egg mcmuffin. English muffin, egg, 2 tbsp cheese, sprinkle of bacon bits. A lot of things I read said that some people just can't handle carbs for breakfast. Tomorrow I will try my trusty slice of toast and two eggs.
L - 56c; 111
For lunch I made 2 ounces of pasta with 1/2 cup of marina sauce and a chicken sausage link (Sam's Club.) I measured out and only cooked 2 ounces of pasta. I also premeasured 2 ounces of pasta out into zip lock bags for the future.
D - 37c; 113
Dinner was a 4 ounce top sirloin, Hawaiian roll (16 carbs) and salad. I measured and weighed everything (I have been weighing my other food already, like watermelon snacks and other things already....) 4 ounces of romaine lettuce has 4 carbs! My salad added up to 15 carbs and in the end weighed 12 ounces. It was hearty. I also had Heinz 57 steak sauce with my steak - measured out the portion.
I ate 1568 calories today, 164 carbs, and 67 grams of protein. We didn't eat breakfast until 10am, no snack, lunch at 1pm, watermelon snack, and then dinner at 7:45.
Hopefully tomorrow my numbers will be good.
Some of my favorite snacks - Watermelon, Pudding Cups, Fiber One Brownies, String Cheese, Yogurt, Peppers & Hummus, and Celery & Peanut Butter.
General menu plan for the week includes:
Leftover steak (we also grill up two each)
Possibly eat a sweet potato
Sloppy Joes (found a 20-carb bun!)
Beef strognaoff, if I can find some decent noodles.
Lots of salads!
I'm still trying to figure out the balance of how many carbs to eat and what type. Obviously my Sunday night dinner carbs were mostly based on a Sweet Roll and Condiment. The salad was a good chunk, but maybe I should have eaten some potato with it? I don't actually understand if I am supposed to be eating minimum or maxiums. Or just playing it by ear a few days to find my perfect carb numbers.

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Jenny Rew said...

When you go to your next appointment will they set you up with a nutritionist? I feel really bad for you as it seems you were just thrown this diagnosis and not really given any guidance as to how to eat with it. :( Hopefully you will fine tune it soon.

I'll also try not to make anymore delicious cake posts on FB! :)