Friday, June 7, 2013

GD - Major change the next 92 days!

Tuesday 6/3
I know it's random, I know it's nothing I did, but it happened. I have GD. Gestational Diabetes. (What is it exactly? Read about it here.) And it totally blows. I haven't gone to the doctor yet - I'm in Springfield Wednesday and Thursday but will on Friday. They will reassure me that it's not the end of the world. That it's not my fault.
So until then I will read as much as possible. It's really hard to go out on the road right after learning this. What can I eat? What shouldn't I eat? Probably not chips. I know it's about controlling carbs, but then I read it's also about making sure you eat enough carbs? What? There's a perfect number? I'm screwed.
I just want an easy manual. Or a chef to come in and make all my meals for me and hand me food when I am supposed to eat. That's another problem - I forget to eat snacks. I sit at my desk and get up when I'm out of water or the dog is pacing and I need her to go lay back down. (Or, she decides to sit in the corner..)
No, seriously, Monday has been sitting in the corner. And not just sitting IN the corner, but STARING into the corner. It's super strange. I don't know why. I didn't yell at her, she does her own thing 98% of the time while I'm working. But just now (Tuesday night) and yesterday afternoon she came into the office, sat in the corner, and then turned and stared at the corner. She'll turn her head to look at me if I move.
So tonight for dinner, french fries and a philly cheesesteak. My last good meal for the next three months.
I hate how fruit has carbs. I think that's totally unfair! I am working my way through a watermelon right now. It is soooooo delicious.

After reading a lot on BabyCenter, I don't quite understand it all. I probably need to eat more carbs. And the snacks. I don't usually snack in the evenings.

Wednesday June 5
Traveled for work today. I have drank a LOT of water. The estimate I read is that you should drink (in ounces) half your weight. So.. I'm looking at over 100 ounces of water a day. That's a lot of water. I have my 24-ounce Tervis Tumbler. I use a straw and just keep it below my chin and sip on it... and BAM, it takes me around 10 minutes of report writing to drink all the water. Repeat. All throughout the day.

I drank two glasses of water on the drive down. And a 16-ounce iced coffee. Yes, of course I stopped twice to pee. I also read that frequent urination is a sign of have GD and being Hyperglycemic. (Signs of hyperglycemic includes increased thirst, headaches, frequent urination, fatigue).

I'm sorry, but if you want me to drink 100 ounces of water a day - where do you think that's going to go? I'm already swollen like a plump sausage. And shit yes I'm tired. I'm GROWING A HUMAN BEING.

I had Panera for dinner. That's right! But I built my meal and made sure it was in the "recommended" amounts. (I had half a salad and half a sandwich.) My doctor could change these - but this is what I understand so far.

1 carb serving is 15 grams, 1 protein serving is 1 ounce of meat or 7 grams
Breakfast: 15-30g carbs, 1 protein
Snack: 15 g carbs, 1 protein
Lunch: 30-60 carbs, 2-3 proteins
Snack: 30 g carbs, 2 proteins
Dinner: 30-60 carbs, 3 proteins
Snack (before bed): 30 g carbs, 1-2 proteins

Carb range: 150-225

So yea. That's a lot of snacks. I don't even OWN snack food right now. I guess it's good I had to clean out the fridge? That's a lot of snack for right before bedtime too. Did you know a banana (small, 6") has 23 carbs? *sigh* And who measures their banana? Really! FYI: Pickle Spears have 1 carb.

I had 205 carbs today. Give or take an estimate on the Mom's homemade lasagna I ate for lunch and a the watermelon. I don't have a scale here - not really sure how much I ate.

It looks like I will be living on a lot or protein powder these next few months. My Protein Powder has 25 grams of protein and 1 carb gram. So I can mix it with some fruit and water and call it a snack.

Thursday June 6
Breakfast? McDonalds. Egg Light Delight McMuffin & Small Iced Coffee, Sugar Free Vanilla. It's a little over the carb level. If the doctor doesn't cut my minimal caffeine intake, I need to find a way to get carb free flavored coffee.

I let work get away from again... I got hungry about 10am, but now it's 10:47. I'm leaving for lunch at 11:30. Must eat small snack to get me through the next 45 minutes.

Friday June 7
Rest of the day yesterday went ok. I had a Taco Salad for lunch and the estimate on MyNetDiary is not that bad! On my drive home from Springfield I ate the rest of my watermelon and strawberries and Jason had dinner ready when I got home. Seriously, how did people do it before cell phones? I call him 10 minutes out and dinner is on the table when I get home! We had leftover lasagna... my mom's the best.

This morning we went to the doctor. Jason went so he could also learn and listen since two sets of ears are better than my don't prick me attitude and "I think drinking Orange Sugar is a bogus way to test me." It went well. We tested my blood sugar at 8:20 which was almost two hours after eating. My level was 97 which is way below the range suggested to me for 2 hours after eating. Hopefully all my tests go well and I can control it with diet. I really don't want to take a pill and I especially don't want to be on insulin.

I have had my ups and downs throughout the day. I am not eating enough and seem to be crashing a lot. Again, I actually need to eat MORE to control this.

Today I ate
Breakfast @645: 2 eggs, piece of toast (16 carbs)
Snack @9:00: Trail Mix Bar (24 Cs) (I was in the car at this time for a work errand.)
Snack @ 10:45: Watermelon (8 ounces is 17 Cs)
Lunch @ 11:45: Mom's Leftover Lasagna (Unsure, but rough estimate is 40 carbs) and more Watermelon (12 ounces is 26 Cs)
Snack @ 3pm: 1/3 Jay Robb Protein Powder w/ Banana (23Cs, all Banana)
(I really started to crash at 4pm too... I should have done full scoop of protein powder.)
Snack @ 5:30: can of Green Beans (10 Cs)
Dinner: Chick Fil A CharGrilled Chicken Sandwich with fruit cup (instead of fries) and one packet of Honey Roast BBQ Sauce (60 Cs).
Snack: Sugar Free Pudding Cup (14 Cs)

So I totaled.. 232 carbs with 85 grams of protein. I need more protein.

Doc has suggested I follow the 15 carbs per snack and 45-60 carbs per meal.
Breakfast: 45-60
Snack: 15
Lunch: 45-60
Snack: 15
Dinner: 45-60
Snack: 15
That's a range of 180 to 225.

My Blood Sugar Levels I need to meet are:
Fasting (first thing in morning): <95
Two hours after a meal: <120

My numbers today:
2 hours after breakfast = 97
2 hours after lunch = 103
2 hours after dinner = 87.

Yea... I call Uncle on this whole thing. I did spend an hour after dinner causally strolling Sams Club and Wal Mart as we replaced most of our condiments and stocked up on healthy snacks with low carb values.

I think more protein and more exercise will be my biggest changes. Diet is easy to control. It's actually not that hard, I've done it before. The doctor today even said I was already more knowledgeable than most people she sees. Hopefully the rest of the weekend and next week goes well with testing and eating. And unfortunately, yes, I will probably be a food snob for a few weeks while I get the hang of it. Bringing my own food or snacks and making sure I take the time to do extra research for each meal I eat out. But remember, in the end, it's all for Baby G. He's worth this 92 days of change. :)


FeauxCajun said...

I'm bad about not getting enough protein as well...but it's gotten better since I started large-batch hard boiling eggs once a week to take with me for breakfast, along with either Greek yogurt (Great Value Greek w/ pineapple is AWESOME, maybe even better than Chobani) or cottage cheese. And of course, there's always bacon. At every meal. :D

MegG said...

We looked at every yogurt Sam's Club had yesterday to determine which one was suitable. Yogurt has a lot of carbs. Especially the Greek flavored ones(you know, with fruit and tastes good.)

Activia Light has 10 Carbs and we purchased the 100-pack of those.

The Greek Yogurts that Sam's Club had didn't have any "Light" versions, and while Sam's Club carries Yoplait Light, it has 20 carbs. Most of the other Sam's Club choices had 24+ carbs.

I looked at Wal-Mart later and Yoplait Greek 100 has 14 Carbs. That would be ok.

Most yogurts (even greek) have 20 carbs. I'm trying to stick with the 15 carbs or less, but who knows... I might need more and wind up eating two 10-carb yogurts to power through.