Sunday, June 30, 2013

I had a Cheeseburger!!!!

and my blood sugar number was ok! :)
So..... we've been eating out a lot more lately. Even with GD. I just have to be really careful about what I choose to eat. Been testing the waters at California Pizza Kitchen and Outback.
At CPK the other night I had the Shrimp Scampi Zucchini Fettuccine and a Wedge Salad. It's really awesome when restaurants post all of their nutritional information online, in a printable PDF. I can quickly go through and eye-ball what I can and cannot eat. The Shrimp Scampi Zucchini Fettuccine uses mostly zucchini cut into thin strips as the "pasta" part of the dish. It did have some noodles, but not what you might see at the Olive Garden. It was delicious and after a 30-minute walk, my number was 111.
Outback makes it a little harder. You have to create your meal. So I put together two dishes last Tuesday when I had girls night. I knew I could have a 6-ounce steak with mashed potatoes OR a side salad and veggie side dish. Or, I could have  Fresh Tilapia With Pure Lump Crabmeat with a side salad and veggie side dish. I had the  Fresh Tilapia With Pure Lump Crabmeat and it was delicious! And staring me in the face was the bread. Ooooooh the bread looked yummy. Even better? Outback's mobile app is SUPER quick. I was able to look up the bread and can have 1/4 the loaf they put on the table. (Which FYI, is hard to eat only 1/4 the loaf.)
Jason and I went to Outback tonight. I didn't really want steak or fish and decided to look up the nutritional value of the.... Cheeseburger. And it's 46 carbs! So I had the cheeseburger with steamed green beans. I cut 1/2 of the bottom bun off and a little off the top bun. I figure the bun is probably 44 of the 46 carbs on the burger. I maybe shaved off 10 carbs of bun. (I'll take a scale next time... just kidding!). I also ate 1/4 the load of bread (around 11 carbs.) And two hours after dinner, my number was 107!! I am pretty excited. The cheeseburger was good and I didn't think I'd actually get to eat a decent one (that I didn't have to cook) until after the baby was here.
I glanced over at Red Robin's nutritional info. They have one of the worst websites honestly. It's super interactive and annoying to maneuver. However, I can have a cheeseburger there... if I get it without their super carby mayo. (Mayo? Who knew?!) However, the thing I love most at RR is the french fries. I do miss french fries. But it's all worth it. In the end I get to have a healthy baby and great delivery to look forward too -- and just have to deal without french fries for another 8 weeks.
I should add that I have been on my feet most of the day (and weekend.) I finally organized all the baby clothes I own. A lot came from my mom, some I purchased, and um... yea..I guess that's it.... but if Carter's made it, I probably own it. For the 0-3 month category, I own more than 30 onesies! Some of these are going to have to go back for larger sizes or clothes like pants and shirts. I'll wait until after my baby shower when I'll probably get even more onesies and newborn and 0-3 month clothes. I only have two newborn outfits. My mom gave birth to 3 babies - and me and my brother were both over 8 pounds. I would expect the same, except for the GD diagnosis. Now I'll probably be induced early and have a 6 pound baby. And my friends D & K will be running out to buy me a newborn wardrobe from Once Upon a Child.  I have individual pictures of the clothes posted on facebook. I even own doubles of a few items, in different sizes. And I'm pretty sure I'll get a few more doubles at the baby shower. *shrug* Oh well, that's what receipts are for! :)
Off topic - I haven't logged my meals since Friday night. I need to get back to doing that because I have no clue what I had for dinner last night... wait, I'm remebering, leftovers. It's nice to compare my good and bad blood sugar numbers to certain meals to see what caused a high number or good number.

Meal plan this week:
Monday night - Steak. :)
Tuesday night - Sloppy Joes
Wednesday night - Japanese Steakhouse for our 1 year Wedding Anniversary (which is actually Tuesday...)
Thursday - *shrug* It's the 4th. Leftovers? Eat out every meal?
That's as afar as I got with meal planning. :)


Amanda said...

This was so interesting. :) I meet with the endocrinologist tomorrow for the first time (I'm due Aug 30), and it's nice to know that I will still be able to go out with my husband once in a while.

Kate said...

Cheeseburgers always give me great numbers! I can't eat the fries, but it's nice to be able to enjoy a cheeseburger either way :)