Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Things I can't eat

I'm starting a list of things I can't eat while handling GD. It's not quite like Weight Watchers where everything is allowed in moderation... there are just some things I shouldn't put in my body while I have GD.
  1. Donuts
  2. Skittles
  3. Sugary Sno Cones (totally had a sugar free one)
  4. Sushi - because the rolls I like and that are safe for pregnant women are fried or just a lot of rice
  5. Ice Cream - Some GD people can eat Ice Cream, I don't think I can or should try.
  6. Sugary Soda (not really something I drank anyway.)
  7. Ted Drewes. *fuckity fuck fuck* I hadn't made it there yet this summer, and I'm not sure I got there last summer. So come baby day, someone is bringing me a Dutchman!!!! Because you know what? Now that I can't have it, I want it *that* much more!
  8. French Fries, in general. I love Chick FilA french fries most. I can still eat 9 Tator Tots in a serving. :)
  9. Pizza - It's hard to figure out the carbs in pizza. :-(
  10. Chinese/Thai Food. Again, it's just too dang hard to figure it out!
I haven't really thought of anything else. And I don't really miss sweets all that bad. I have some "sweets" I can have like Sugar Free Jell-O snack packs and Fiber One brownies.

I am really low on calories. I am averaging around 1600-1700 a day! Pregnant women need around 2100. The baby will take what he needs. From my bones and my own nutrients.

My two favorite snacks right now are hummus & peppers and peanut butter & celery. Both are high calorie low carb snacks. Watermelon still ranks up there too - I'm enjoying it daily or twice a day. I actually find I need to eat more crabs and work hard to make sure I'm eating enough. Sometimes it's adding carrots or watermelon to the meal.

Thursday is a doctor appointment. I have lots of questions wrote down concerning GD and the future care of my pregnancy. Some GD women require special tests or more frequent ultrasounds. I've already missed enough work for doctor appointments, I don't really want to sit at the hospital waiting for another lengthy ultrasound. I'm not sure how she'll feel about the calorie counts or my sugar numbers. She might send me to a nutritionist. I have to say that when given my meter and instructions, I was given one sheet of paper that didn't have much, if any, relevant information on it. They had handwrote my sugar level goals and didn't actually write any carb goals. Kinda just on your own to figure it out.

When we went grocery shopping last weekend I also picked out a few Lean Cuisines like the Sesame Chicken and a couple Pizzas because they are tasty and will fill the craving I have for said food. I don't always like Lean Cuisine meals because they are high in sodium, but I am only concentrating on one thing right now - carbs.

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