Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tornadoes and Power and our own Murphy

Our house was without power from 8pm on Friday night to Sunday afternoon. It's the longest we've ever been without power. And the longest I've been without power for as long as I can remember. Even when I lost power during a Hurricane/Tropical Storm in Richmond... I think we lost power.

In the end we are grateful, we only lost food. Nearby people lost their entire homes and are still without power. However, it's getting too close to comfort. It's an inconvenience, and I really hate how much money we threw away. We had just gone shopping on Friday at Sam's Club & Wal Mart for some groceries. For the most part, we salvaged all of those by taking them to my parents. We also took some of the more expensive items like our huge bag of cheese ($11 for like 10 pounds at Sams Club) and Orange Juice (800 ounces, again, Sam's Club), and the cinnamon rolls, because they are yummy. :)  We also took a few important things from the upstairs freezer and put downstairs in our deep freeze and we took a few things to a friend's house. 

We headed out to my parents on Saturday before lunch. We dropped off a few freezer things at E's house. She had a potluck exchange tonight where you bring a casserole to eat, a casserole to give to everyone and they bring one for you. It was a small group and I'm lucky I had extra Tator Tot Casserole's in the freezer.I had planned to make more - I had just bought everything to do it! Without power it was a little harder to make them and worry about freezing them. 

However, due to the lack of power, we ate out breakfast and lunch on Saturday. Luckily because the potluck dinner tonight we didn't have to worry about that. And mom fed us well. We also had to spend some money on ice and an extra tank of gas (to mom and dad's and back), and to be prepared for the "damaging hail", we purchased two tarps to cover up the possibility of broken windows on Jason's car. We figured purchasing the tarps would help prevent the hail - it worked. But we should have bought a generator! 

So now, when all is said and done - we are looking at purchasing a generator. It'll hopefully never be used to run our freezer or fridge, but we need to be prepared. The past couple of years the tornadoes have become more frequent and seem to always be close to us. We also are looking to purchase a Survival Kit of some sort. We don't need the Zombie Apocalypse kit or anything that has a weeks worth of food and bazooka,  but we need something in case our house is leveled and we happen to be stuck in the basement for a few hours, or at minimum a day if like a 10-mile wide tornado flattens our area. The tornadoes that have been hitting our area have taken out a few houses here and there and then leaves a lot of nearby houses with damaged roofs. 

So the Murphy - we are replacing some things in our fridge/freezer. Like the condiments and ice cream. It wasn't in our grocery budget to purchase new condiments, and we'll slowly build them back up. Mom sent us home with a lasagna and that will be dinner tomorrow night. I need to think about other things to eat this week - like Sloppy Joes and maybe making Spaghetti-Os again. And I'm going to add "purchasing a generator" to the Murphy list. While it's something we can review and spend a month saving for, it's still something that is important. 

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