Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weekly what?

My blogs are all over the place now.... so I'm going to try and organize it better.
Schedule & Work Out
So if I'm not at my home (working, sleeping, cleaning) then I will be one of two other places:
Doctor's Office
Hospital (Baby clasess and Ultrasounds)
Maryland Heights Center (Gym & Aquaport)

And that will be my life until the kiddo comes.

I have weekly doctor's appointments on top of my weekly ultrasounds (which start July 12th). I also have baby classes every Thursday evening through the beginning of August.

We have River Walking on Wednesday nights, and I try to squeeze in one or two other nights at the gym with Dave. Lately it's just been one other night. And if I'm not working out with Dave or at Riverwalk or at Baby Class, I have to log 30-40 minutes on the treadmill. It's getting harder too and I have to wear a belly band to support my belly. But the walking is important. It keeps my number down and that's the most important thing I should concentrate on right now.

I just signed up for prenatal yoga. It's on Sunday evenings at 4pm so it won't interfere too much with other things.
Work is getting even harder. I need to get in 2-3 Springfield trips before I'm unable to travel (After August 10th, no travel) and to make up for the 2-3 missed hours a week for doctor appointments and ultrasounds, I'm working almost every day from 6:45am - 5:30pm. (I take lunch to decompress from the computer time..) I guess it's good I don't have to commute far for work.  Every once in a while I wish my doctor would put me on bedest so I could just sleep the rest of my pregnancy. But then I get up and walk around and think "fuck that, I don't want to lay in bed all day."
Had the strangest dream two nights ago. Baby G was born 5 weeks early and was a GIRL!! We didn't have a girl name picked out, and have been calling "her" by "her" boy name for weeks while she's in the womb. She was a very angry baby. I feel like in the dream it was a month later and we still hadn't agreed on her name. Poor baby. Luckily I've had 2 ultrasounds to confirm boy. And I will totally be asking during my other ultrasounds to triple check! I have all these boy clothes!
Random things
My wedding anniversary is next Tuesday!!! I'm looking forward to having next Thursday off. (Though for awhile I was convinced the 4th was on Wednesday.)
We ordered new furniture and it'll be delivered Friday! We sold our other (very large) living room furniture and cleaned the carpeted living room really well. We even rented a rug doctor and went over the carpet twice for a deep clean. I still need to give the kitchen floor a HUGE deep clean.

I made an appointment next Monday for my car to have the timing belt changed. A quick google shows that on a Toyota Highlander that usually while changing the timing belt the dealer or mechanic suggests changing the water pump also since the labor is 98% covered by the timing belt change. Firestone didn't recommend that. And they usually are on top of their game. I do like my Firestone. The guys are nice, they give it to me straight on what is more needed, what is less needed. And they also have done all my maintenance on my Highlander since I bought it. (Richmond and St. Louis.)
Gestational Diabetes
The diet is harder some days. Some days I fail miserably. I had to send Jason to work with the cookies today. I think I ate 10 yesterday. (5 is a serving). And man, I want to chug soda ALL DAY LONG. I miss not passing Quiktrip on the way to work. :(
I also go through some really shitty moments where I am starving. I would kill for a cheeseburger or donut right now. I think this ecard describes my mood most of the time. Especially if I am *waiting* on food at a restaurant or drive thru. They should have a "pregnant" sign to make sure you keep me happy because I am so much more irritable when I'm carrying around 12 extra pounds, all in my abdomen, and am hungry.

Doctor appointment next Tuesday to discuss my latest numbers. They are so-so. It sucks that sometimes I have to eat full-fat/high calorie foods (like ice cream or peanut butter or ranch dressing) in order to meet my carb levels, calorie requirements, and keep my number's in range. A yogurt and string cheese doesn't give me the same fasting number as ice cream and a string cheese. Ice cream actually gives me a better number. It's just so stupid sometimes.

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