Friday, July 26, 2013

Budgeting, the McDonalds way

So to discuss budgeting... how are we doing? Eh. We make money, we spend money, we pay our bills.

Dave Ramsey who? <-- Some days that's what it feels like.

Ok, it's not that bad. But we haven't been paying off debt since we spend our extra money on the baby or saving for the baby. I'd really like to make a dent in our debt, if things would fall into place we could be debt free within a year. Just a waiting game on some things.
So I guess a few years ago McDonald's put out a budget pamphlet for their employees. It recently made the news and people are tearing it apart left and right. I read through this article and agreed with most of the comments made. There are a lot of holes in the McDonald's budget.  And one of the things is that people can't live on it.
As a nerd, I track my paychecks... going back to 2006. And my take home pay during 2006 was around $2k a month. And I owned a house (with roommates) and while I didn't have a car payment or children's mouths to feed, I survived and don't feel like I missed out. I probably spent (aka, charged) a lot more for airfare to St. Louis than I should have for a few years but finally paid off all those flights a few years ago. 

Of course, that McDs budget has you working two jobs to make ends meet. And I'm not sure what type of insurance you are getting for $20/month. Maybe this is a Canadian type budget? And a $150/month car payment? Most people are not that smart to take out a car loan they can afford. And it's not ideal how they pay the bills and then say "spending money." To me, spending money is free money, spend on what I want! The McDs budget wants you to spend it on groceries, toiletries, eating out (probably at McDs with your discount), entertainment, going out with friends...

I don't know what my budget was in 2006 with my 2k income. But I sure hope I didn't spend $27/day. I did have more bills - heating oil, electric, water, and cable/Internet were split 4 ways. I also had my cell phone, car insurance, school loans, a credit card (or two?), and the general things that come with being an adult living on your own. I know I had car maintenance but no car payment.

It was interesting to see McDonald's perspective on a "budget". While it's a start for their employees, especially their younger employees, it's not the most realistic way in my opinion.

In random news - I watched MI:3 the other night. I love having Amazon Prime to be able to catch up on movies that I haven't seen. I forgot that they filmed parts of this in Richmond and Norfolk. And when you get about halfway through and they are driving across one of the bridges and there is a huge car accident on the bridge, my first thought was "Wow, that is going to tie up traffic for miles!" While St. Louis traffic can be horrible - nothing will ever compare to the bridge and tunnel traffic in the Chesapeake/Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. Ever. And I spent a month working in DC. Traffic in DC was bad, but at least it was 6 lanes of bad, not 2.

Here's a picture of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge & Tunnel.


FeauxCajun said...

I don't think I've seen the McD's budget article. But in related news, I'm working on a budgeting type post. It's mostly done, but I thought I should post a recipe or two before, since my last post was that organic food thing.

MegG said...

Your last post was your doggie... and food trivia.. :-)

It's your blog - you blog about what you want, when you want. But more pictures of yummy food are always appreciated!