Monday, July 15, 2013

Hungry. All. the. Time.

Some days it seems like I can't eat enough food. The worst feeling is when an hour after eating I am hungry again and I can't eat for at least another hour since I need to take my blood sugar reading 2 hours after eating. I think I've touched on this before.
And now... just after eating lunch, I'm trying to figure what else I can eat that is "safe". Another can of green beans? Chocolate Sprinkles? Newspaper? I want to eat a cheeseburger. And BBQ and Chinese food. And other things that'll cause a blood sugar spike. Totally unfair to have GD. Just unfair.
Need to go grocery shopping. I have all the important items listed like more Fiber One brownies and Eggos. I am loving Eggos right now. I spread either regular peanut butter or chocolate peanut bugger on it and sprinkle it with cinnamon. It is delicious!
Now that I have 6ish weeks to go (or 8, depending on your medical degree and how well you know my body...), I'm starting to think about everything I have to do and schedule into free time.
I'm not even sure when I will grocery shop this week! Tonight I have a massage, tomorrow night I have PT with Dave and girls dinner, Wednesday night is River Walking, Thursday night is Baby Class, and Friday is dinner with my parents and Uncle Pat. At least Saturday we have some free time, around Dog Training and Baby Class. Sunday I have my future sister-in-law's bridal shower. Jason and I discussed going to the movies this weekend and to the Zoo early Sunday morning.
Other future weekends include:
27th - Daehnke Party (?) We heard about this but don't have any details on it.
3rd - Baby Shower
Ok, so that's not a lot... but it seems like, especially with a lot of things in the evenings.
Uncle Pat is painting the baby nursery on Friday. That'll be exciting!  Then we need to finish setting it up, finding a rug (ugh!), and doing the closet. I'll have to pick out fabric for the window also so Liz can make me curtains! Then I have to wash all the newborn & 0-3 month clothes and diapers and get it organized. Good thing Aimee is coming the weekend of the 18th. She thinks we're going to sit down and watch Baseball... ha!
I also want to pre-make a bunch of casseroles, some soups, and crock pot meals also. If I start working on them this weekend and do 1-2 meals a weekend, I'll have a stocked freezer in no time. Which is another issue - we probably need another deep freeze. Or a larger deep freeze. We already have a 5 cu ft one... should we upgrade to a large one or buy a 5 cu ft one? The one we currently use is Andy's. We're expecting our Crooked Beef Cow in soon. And if it goes well, I think my parents want to split the next one with us. Or if we have the room and eat it fast enough, might just hog the cow for ourselves.
Ok.. lunch over.. back to work. Busy week and some reporting to get complete!

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kerwin said...

While you can't appreciate this now, when the baby gets here and you don't have 60 pounds to lose because you ate nothing but chocolate chip cookies for 9 months, you will be thankful for the GD. But I can't imagine how difficult that is because, as you well know, when you are pregnant, the belly truly does rule the mind!