Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My week in a nutshell

I complained a lot about this week... it wasn't easy.. here's how it all went down.
I went non-stop........It probably wasn't good for my health.

Awake at 4:30. Might as well get up at 5am.
Work 6am - 10am.
Pick up Monday from boarding 10am-10:45am.
Work - Lunch - Work
Leave for Massage at 5:15pm.
Fall asleep during massage. Must sign up for 8 more before baby. (Or just one.)
Get home at 7:30. Eat steak dinner & Tator Tots.
Paint nursery with sample colors.
Decide we hate the colors we picked.
Leave for Home Depot at 8pm.
Stop at Schnucks.
Get home at 9:45pm.

Awake at 5am.
Work 6am - 6:40am.
Hospital for US & NST at 7am.
Get home at 8:20.
Eat snack.
Paint 2 more sample colors on the nursery walls.
Work. 8:30-11:25.
Meet L for lunch.
Work 12:30-5:15.
PT with Dave at 5:30-6:00
Girls dinner 6:30 with D & K.
Home at 8pm.
A little more work and in bed at 9:30.

Note - my husband left Tuesday at 5:50 and got home at 10:45. I saw him maybe 10 full minutes.

Wednesday - my "slow day"
Work at 7:30! This does put me a little behind.
I had a conference call to discuss a report. We tore it up and pretty much rewrote it. I think I've rewrote this report 3-4 times now and I just want to be done with it. Tomorrow I will be done with it.
I crashed at 4pm today. Just became useless after that. I laid down a little bit, then Jason got home and we made dinner and headed to Home Depot for paint and the new closest hardware. I came home to some super swollen ankles and laid down for 30 minutes to elevate them. Then I headed into the office to make up that last 1.5 hours I missed. That's one of the good things of working from home - I can have some make up time.
Speaking of work - I am now really juggling a trip to SF. I have bi-weekly NST/BPPs on Tuesdays & Friday. I think I will be able to schedule the Tuesday one at Mercy in Springfield to help me out. The nurses are really pushy about making sure I have them scheduled.
Have I mentioned how great is? If you are a Mercy patient, you can look at everything online, like upcoming and past appointments. I have 9 upcoming appointments already scheduled. And between January (diagnosis of pregnancy) and Tuesday, I have had 10 doctor appointments and 4 ultrasounds. While my upcoming shows US, it doesn't show the past US. I've also had 2 major blood works (the Glucose testing), and a few other minor blood draws. And I'm only 32.5 weeks!

This got really long... so I'm going to publish now.

To do list:
1:30 Doc Appt
6pm Baby Class

4pm Ultrasound.
Uncle Pat will also be over painting the nursery and during lunch we have to run out and get the chair rail for the room.

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