Sunday, July 28, 2013

Naming a baby boy

So the Royal Baby has a name! Whew! And it's not the name Jason and I have chose for our little guy. When discussing names, we agreed fairly easily on a boy name. We were still tossing around a few similar sounding girl names when we found out it was a boy. We thought we had a middle boy name chosen.... I was content with this middle name and who/what it represented. But a few weeks ago I decided Nope. Need a new one. And in the matter of two days we had picked a new middle name, (Jason picked it actually), and we love it!! We can't wait for our little man to get here.
My uncle came over last weekend and painted the nursery! It is amazing!! It took us 6 different paint samples to get the perfect combo and the look we were going for. We still have to paint the closet and install the closet hardware. Our landlord redid the master closest a few years ago, and the other closets are the old style with just a wood shelf and metal bar. We bought the hardware so the shelves can move, the racks can move, ect. It'll be a lot better and a lot more open. We took the closet door off because it hinders the movement in the room - huge door in small room. I've been rug searching for months, and had found some very perfect rugs for children's rooms. However, I couldn't bite the bullet and spend $300 on any of them. It just didn't seem worth it. We lucked out last weekend and found a rug at Sams Club. A simple tan/spackled with brown for $30. Whew! We have a rug, nothing fancy, and it was a fraction of the cost.
My friend Liz is going to make me black out curtains and I'm going to remove the blinds. The curtains will be attached via velcro to a 1-inch by 1-inch wood piece placed above the window. That way if Toddler G decides to scale the curtains, they come down quickly. Using velcro also makes them easy to take down and wash. I have to pick out some material this weekend and let her know what I need.

I recently have been in a lot of pain. When I sit, when I stand, when I walk, when I'm trying to get up from sitting or laying down, when I roll over... my doctor is fairly certain it's related to pregnancy. (Just kidding.) It am already having some round ligament pain, and this new pain is either a little sciatic nerve and/or symphysis pubis dysfunction. I'm learning a lot more about human anatomy than I thought I would during pregnancy. In summary, SPD is because my hip bones are spreading to make room for baby and the ligament between them is stretching or thinning. It's not pretty and sometimes I scream out in pain. She recommend I get an Upsie Belly, or one of those large belts that supports your belly and back. And did I! I was lucky Cotton Babies had my size so I picked one up Friday during lunch. It has already made a huge difference and I am much more comfortable. I am supposed to wear it 24/7. So even though they are expensive, I am going to order 2 so I can actually wash it over the next 5 weeks.

Our latest ultrasound shows a very healthy and active baby boy. It's amazing what you can see on him! I'm 34 weeks today and on August 9th we'll have a growth US to determine how large our Little Man is. I'll also discuss with my doctor afterwards about his size and his due date - do we change it?

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