Sunday, August 4, 2013

35 Weeks - One month left!

It's August!! Where has the time gone? I have been pregnant all year and this is my last full month of being pregnant!! Yippee!
At our last baby class on Thursday night, I was talking about the Belly Belt (Upsie Belly) and how much better I feel. Jason commented that it made HIS life better too. I was really miserable for those 4-5 days when the pain started and before I got the belt. It's amazing how much a difference $70 of stretchy material can make.

It's been a great summer. Too cool almost. I was excited for Water Walking at Aquaport. I figured on the 100 degree days it'd feel really amazing to get into a pool of water. And then it never got above 80 again. Some evenings it was too cool - 70s - to think about cooling off in the pool. And then we had a ton of stuff to do!

Baby G had an amazing baby shower this weekend! It was a Library party and we asked everyone to bring a baby book instead of a card. We got around 20 books to stock his library with. Everyone who helped did an amazing job! I then spent the rest of the weekend doing laundry and am getting ready to order a bunch of stuff off my Amazon registry. The best book we got was  Introductory Calculus For Infants. No, seriously. It's great. It came from some of my nerdy friends. :)

This week I travel to Springfield - it's my last week until the baby. I guess it's the last time I'll be in Springfield until after maternity leave. I need to remember to take everything they might possibly need from me. I have some jobsites that require additional work and I have the Health and Safety Plans. I'm also trying to wrap up reports for work that isn't complete yet. I have two drilling jobs at the end of August and hope I'm still available to oversee those (from my home office/desk, via phone.) I have to make sure to prep all the field crews with the work required these next few days. It feels really weird to be trying to "wrap up" projects. Almost like I'm done... and now that I finally know almost all my sites like the back of my hand, I don't want to let other people manage them! I finally got it! They are my sites! I do have an amazing crew of coworkers so I'm not worried - but I also don't want to come back in November lost on what is the project status. How do women do it? This is hard.

Friday we have another NST, BPP, and the growth scan! I can't wait to see how big this little guy is getting. We follow that appointment with a doctor's appointment

Saturday we have massages and are headed to Cotton Babies and Target to wrap up the other things on our registries. We don't have too much left to purchase - everyone has been very generous with clothing and even the used items are great! I'm hopefully going to make enchiladas (for freezing) next weekend. This weekend we made a huge pot of chili and tater tot casseroles. I used half ground turkey and half hormone free beef for both.... we used 10 pounds of meat! I hope to make chicken and beef enchiladas. Just need to create a list and get all the ingredients. Jason is a huge help with making these meals too.

It is going to be a busy couple of final weeks.... all the laundry I did (and that I'm not with) needs to be put away in the baby's room too. That'll be next weekend and the weekend after I guess.

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