Monday, August 12, 2013

36 Weeks - 3 weeks left!

34 weeks
Growth scan Friday. Whoa it was a long appointment! But it was great! We even got some 3D scans of the little guy. He likes to put his hand in front of his face, but still let us get some great shots.
Remember that dream I had about it being a boy being so obvious? Maybe I didn't blog about it. But it's obvious now! Little Man is all about showing the ultrasound technician how he is a boy. Hopefully he simmers down a little once out of my belly!
Baby G's head is measuring at 38 weeks (I was 35w6d on Friday) but his body is measuring at 36 weeks. He weighs 6 pounds and 5 ounces and is in the 53%. Which is perfect. Hopefully he doesn't grow too quickly, hopefully his head isn't too big, and hopefully he fits into the weeks worth of newborn clothes I own... :)

My doctor has decided that I won't be allowed to go full term. While my gestational diabetes is under control, it's still kinda random. I have these random spikes and random crashes. My "spikes" aren't awful... it's like a 130 instead of being below 120. It's not like it's a spike of 200+. My crashes are all in the 60's. I usually sip on some apple juice when I have a really low number. However, it does show that I'm all over the place, my hormones are all over the place, and it's not the most controlled thing.
So.... my doctor plans to induce. Not exactly sure when, and I won't announce it on FB or blog. I am still hoping he decides to come on his own. I don't want to have an "unfavorable induction" that winds up leading to a c-section. I really want to avoid a c-section. I understand there's a chance I could have one, but there's an even larger chance that I could have one with the induction.

I have had some really massive swelling lately. Massive being my own word in comparison to what I've previously had. It's not like Kim K's swelling when she shoved her elephant feet into those shoes. And luckily, it's really just my right foot, and my blood pressure is a-ok. Lots of elevation and foot rubs help. And wearing my compression socks.
Family Dynamics
Way way back when I started dating Jason, we were affectionate (we still are) because I grew up watching my parents having PDAs and showing affection around us. Since Jason grew up fatherless, he didn't see his mom showing affection to her husband. I'm sure he probably saw it with Aunts & Uncles or Grandparents, but not like having it shoved in your face 24/7 with parents. (My parent's weren't gross...)
So thinking along the same lines - a lot of our mannerisms come by what we see. I wonder what kind of daughter in law I would have been to Jason's mom because I only saw how my Mom interacted with Dad's mom. And moving forward, and growing up, I know how stand-offish I am toward grandma now seeing how she treated her only son and DIL, and in turn, her grandkids. I've also had to endure her guilt trips. And now I am a real bitch about it all. I have zero tolerance for grandma and her shenanigans. She will no longer guilt trip me. And if she tries to guilt trip dad, I won't let him guilt trip me either. Mom keeps saying she'll be nothing like grandma, and if she is I have permission to shoot her. I've taped it, I have witnesses. At least mom will have two married children and hopefully my brother and his wife will have a kiddo. And mom kinda has Jason's twin brother and his unborn child to help spoil. :) Yes, Jason and I are going to have a niece or nephew in January! We're excited. The cousins will be close in age and possibly in the same grade.

A LOT to put away. Spend last weekend doing more laundry. And buying more stuff. The actual nursery is a mess, along with our kitchen and living room. We have even moved 3 containers of clothes (the 6, 9, and 12 months) downstairs and out of the way! Also in the basement is our carseat, highchair, swing, and pack 'n play. We moved the dog bed in our bedroom and set up the rocker... I think we're going to move the pack 'n play into the bedroom also. Just trying to figure out what will or won't work for us.

Here's Monday (the dog) sniffing the baby (a cabbage patch doll.) So far she hasn't eaten the baby or treated her like a chew toy. She sniffs at her and wonders away..... I'm still interested to see how she reacts when there is a real baby.

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