Saturday, August 24, 2013

38 Weeks and only one week left

The weeks have really flown by! I can't believe that just two weekends and I'll be holding my new bundle of joy!
We still have a few things on our to-do list. In order to make room in our bedroom for the bassinet, we have to move out our hamper. It's just for a few months and won't be a big deal. Our hamper is a piece of furniture and I keep my little items on top of it, so I need to do some cleaning and organizing to move my pills and deodorant and medication/vitamins around.
Other things to complete:
  • Hook up our video camera so random strangers can watch our child.
  • Change the internet password so random strangers can't watch our child.
  • Double check bags for hospital.
  • Move recliner into nursery.
  • Reformat my personal computer. It hasn't been redone for at least a year or more.
  • File all paperwork needed for STD.
  • Finish Baby Shower Thank You notes.

And yea, that might be about it. The little things to do include vacuuming and finishing some little odds and ends around the house. Jason is working on the to-do list right now. Monday just got back from the Spa and is chilling. I think she's ready too. I have this week off and will enjoy the extra rest and have some random meetings and doctor appointments. We are finalizing our wills on Wednesday with the lawyer - plenty of time to get in my good graces and get added.... I also have my standard 3 doctor appointments, and we are meeting with the newborn photographer to discuss Baby G's first photo shoot.
I feel like I am out of things to talk about or mention... Here's some pictures of Baby G's nursery. It is much cuter in person! We still have to move in the recliner, but it's waiting for him.
Bedding and letters from SkipHop. Was really excited when I found it. The lamp was purchased by mom and found on Amazon. We picked up a Cooperstown/St. Louis Cardinals Build a Bear at our last Cardinal game.

I've had that fish painting since 1987. It actually hung in my brother's room until 1992. I have a matching penguin painting. Liz is making curtains so the blinds will come down shortly. (Note - this is the closest to the "true" color the nursery. Flash/light makes it hard to see sometimes.)

Erin helped organize the closet and dresser drawers. And Jason redid the closet so it's a lot more open.
The T-rex is made out of ABCs, and the other photo is a picture of our Superman cupcakes at our home wedding reception. Lola took the picture and framed it for us.

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