Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Hospital & Beyond

Prepping for baby takes a lot of effort!
We packed our hospital bags on Tuesday night. We still have 2-3 things to pick up but otherwise should be ready to go. Mercy's Baby Class is very helpful with preparation. We took the combined Birthing, Newborn Care, and Breastfeeding class. There was a LOT of info and I'm not sure how much I retained. However, there were handouts, especially one concerning what to pack in your hospital bag.
So we have four bags - One for birth, one each for recovery, and one for Baby G. The birth bag includes things like:
Focus Picture. And that's all I need! ------>
Just kidding. But seriously, I won't be thinking about contractions while staring at Bon Jovi. (And since inserting this picture, the rest of the blog was next to impossible to finish.)
Along with the focus picture we have:
Toiletries for both me and Jason
Knee Pad
Swim trunks for Jason
DVDs (Top Gun and Armageddon) for distraction
Old socks
Massage tools & lotion
Hair brush & comb, lots of hair clips and hair ties
Peice of wood to bite on (just kidding, this is the new age, I'll have an epidural.)
Snacks for the new dad. (We're stopping for chipolte for me on the way to the hospital.. carb load to get through the birth.)
Flux & Deck of cards
And some other things.... it's just to get us through the birth.
In our after birth bags have some clothes (mine will need a few more) but includes the nursing gowns I picked up, a nursing tank top (two more on order) and a change of clothes. I also added the last 3 Harry Potter movies and Field of Dreams (something for background noise instead of flipping hospital channels); Nursing or Milk tea, honey sticks, and my travel tea mug; chargers for phone and iPad; M&Ms for the nurses; and um... other stuff. It doesn't matter. I'll have JBJ.

E is helping me organize the nursery tomorrow. Right now it's a mumble jumble of folded baskets of clothes & blankets. I need to actually put things away and move the recliner into the nursery. We also have to get the decals up on the wall along with the other wall decor.

We have a "honey do" list too.... Jason is out installing a car seat right now, and we also need to put together the baby swing and other things. I need to finish beef enchiladas and wash one final load of clothes!!! I can't wait to be done prepping the baby clothes. That'll be a relief.

We hope to be able to enjoy the weekend with minimal baby stuff to do. We plan to go see Jobs on Saturday and if time, Kick Ass 2 on Sunday. Expensive movie going weekend, I know! I sometimes wish it was a little hotter so sitting inside the movie theatre when it's 100+ degrees out felt better... can't complain too much... 80 degree August weather is very very nice.


kerwin said...

Nice work on the bag packing. Two things I ended up having to have fetched: an additional pillow, and my nursing pillow/boppy (if you are going that route). There's also not hair dryers there if you think you will need that. I barely made it to the shower so that wasn't a big deal.

MegG said...

We do have noted to take the extra pillows. We also will need to grab a few extra chargers. :)

Also, St. Louis Mercy redid all their birthing suites and post partum rooms and they all have hair dryers! Though lately drying my hair hasn't been worth it with the rain and humidity in Missouri.

kerwin said...

This raises a question I had about the new mercy suites. Do you just get to give birth in them and then move to a post-pardum room or are you there the whole time? I have heard both. I am probably delivering at MoBap again, but was curious.

MegG said...

You can sign up for a free tour! You give birth in the new suites, which are fairly large, you could fit a marching band in there! (Just kidding.)

And after birth you are moved to a PP room which is a bit smaller but still enough room for dad and mom and baby. And they are individual rooms.

My friend did both Mercy (before new suites) and MoBap and prefered MoBap. I was thinking MoBap, but would have required a doctor switch, and I really like my doctor.