Saturday, September 21, 2013

Baby dreams

Liam is growing so quickly!! And he's adorable. And has these facial expressions while he's sleeping. He smiles, he scrunches his nose and eyes, and sometimes it looks like he is trying to talk in his sleep. Jason brought up a great point - what do babies dream about? What do they have to dream about? 

My dreams are usually about experiences in my life. I have a lot of work dreams. And dreams that involve past residences - like the house in Union, Missouri (lived there until 1992.) My dreams include people in my past and present life.... so what does Liam dream about? 

Jason and I did well this week. We are more in the swing of handling nights and managed to get more sleep overall. We even went out to eat! On Thursday night we went to Red Robin. I figured if he started crying no one would notice since RR is already so loud. I put away a cheeseburger like I hadn't eaten in a month. It was delicious. I love not worry about counting carbs. 

I have lost 20 of my gained 28 pounds. It pretty much fell off in the first week. I lucked out with having GD and not gaining too much weight. That was the only saving grace. I hope to get in a better schedule during the day with Liam. Well, one that helps me be productive. Watching repeat Grey's Anatomy from noon until 3 pm, then Ellen at 3pm, news at 4, Jeopardy at 4:30, and more news at 5 while waiting for Jason get home is a schedule, but not a productive one! I'd like to start walking and exercise a little. Nothing major, I'm not looking to start Insanity, but I could add some light cardio and strength training back in my routine. 

I'm trying to keep up with some journal entries.... there's not a lot going on. I spend most of the day cuddling with Liam. And it makes me happy. :) 

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