Monday, October 21, 2013

Quick Update - Job Front

It's been 2+ weeks since I have updated. It's mostly a time thing. Weekends have been busy and nights have been spent sleeping, or not sleeping. 

I have 3 draft blogs is called "Couch Potato" about all the TV shows I watch, and the random ones I've started DVRing because I am bored. 

I need more stay at home mom friends. Or any. I'm getting better at braving going out by myself. I also have my days where I am efficient with laundry and dishes and cleaning. And I have plenty of days where I am not. I am very lucky to have a hands on husband with both household chores and the baby. He is in the nursery right now trying to get him to sleep. He's been sleeping in 6-hour chunks the past three days so crossing our fingers we have another good night (so far it's not looking like it.) It just means I'll put in my time in the nursery recliner. Note - comfy recliner BEST. IDEA. EVER. (Thanks Dee!) I cannot imagine sleeping in one of those stupid gliders that everyone wants. 

In the job front, it's been 6 weeks so I'm cleared to work and/or start looking for work. I'm going to slowly ease into it. I'd *LOVE* to stay home for 6-months (through February), but I also don't want to pass up the possibility of the greatest job if there is an opening that pops up. Finding the right job is important, especially since we can't afford for me to stay at home forever. I already have a few job leads, and I need to decide how or if to pursue them. I'm not sure consulting is the line of work I should stay in. Reasons to leave consulting - I hate timesheets. Ugh.... and even after the timesheet thing, I still never feel done with my job. Take fast food workers, their job is done when they go home at the end of the day. There's never a report that still needs editing or another round of groundwater sampling to complete, an invoice to send, or a client phone call to make. Consulting is not bad, it's just stressful. My last job stressed me out past my limit. Lots of factors/reasons why, but it did. Being pregnant during a new job sure didn't help anything either. Moving on though, totally moving on. Just need to decide how and when. 

We got our announcements in the mail (ok, all but the last 10 because I'm still writing a few thank you cards.) This is one of our pictures that Lani took.

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kerwin said...

I don't get the glider thing either. I want to be comfortable as well! We ordered a recliner that should be ready in the next few weeks and I couldn't be more excited. For annie, we just had an upholstered chair, and that was fine, but I think this will be much better. Good luck on the job front. I hear ya on the time sheets!