Saturday, November 2, 2013

All I wanted was a new pair of shoes....

Saturday November 2. Liam is two months! 

So with Liam's Baptism a week away and a new dress hanging in my closest, I decided to venture out to the new Premiere Outlet Mall. My goal was to get a new pair of pumps form Easy Spirit. I tried on a pair Friday that were Size 8 Wide, but needed a little more room - like 8.5 Wide. The Outlet Store was going to be my best bet. 

The three of us headed out in my paid for and very well taken care of 2007 Toyota Highlander. We had the stroller (for the quick stop at the mall), were planning on getting some lunch, stopping at Sam's Club, and then going over to Cotton Babies to look at baby carriers. 

We had turned onto Outlet Blvd from Olive Street and I was in the left lane of our two lane road. Everyone but me was going in the first mall entrance. I was headed further north toward the second entrance. I wanted to get in and out - I was hungry for lunch. We had noticed an older green Ford in the right lane had slowed down and a few cars passed it. The Ford even started to pull onto the shoulder before deciding the best way to get out of his "lost" status (I assume he didn't want to go to the mall) was to make a u-turn. IN FRONT OF ME. Wait, he wasn't in front of me. He was still next to me when he decided to make a u-turn. I didn't have time to honk or brake before he was making his turn and dragging my poor little SUV with him. I kept braking but we weren't stopping. That was probably the scariest moment of it all. I just wanted to STOP MY CAR. 

When we did stop, we were in the opposite lanes, blocking traffic (thank heavens no cars were oncoming!!). My passenger door and his drivers doors were smashed together. I jumped out and checked on Liam. Who was still sleeping. Yea, he slept through me being broadsided. And I'm glad he was on the drivers side. I guess Jason crawled out the drivers side, I don't remember. Two vehicles with two lovely ladies (each) stopped and one of them called the police. They showed up quickly, which usually happens when you are blocking lanes of traffic. 

The other driver? Older man (70s?), he hit his head or something. He was bleeding, asked me to put a band aid on. I refused. I told him I wasn't giving him first aid, an ambulance was on the way. The EMT was very happy with our car seat install. The first thing he did was shake the car seat - which shook the car. Liam seemed/seems a-ok. I had a very sore right breast (from the seat belt) and bruised my left knee. Jason thinks I probably "turtled up" and hit my knee. Both my breast and boob have nasty bruises. I did call my doctor. No need to go in, me or Liam. Jason has a bruise on his elbow - he was probably turtling up and/or bracing himself. 

The air bags didn't deploy. I have side air bags too. It wasn't a head on crash... it was more like something you do with bumper cars.

While Jason stayed at the scene and for his brother to show up, Liam & I rode in the ambulance back to the firehouse. We waited inside the kitchen for Tim & Jason to come pick us up. It wasn't that cold, but it was nice to be away from the accident site and inside. 

The other driver admitted fault right away. To I think everyone - his son on the phone, the police officer, Jason, everyone that stopped. Or so I imagine he did. Jason just said "he admitted fault." And the police officer said he was going to write him tickets. The guy even had "expired insurance"... ok, 2-days, but still, gotta carry your new card! 

The truck driver asked Jason if he wanted to "sugar coat" it as he was picking up the pieces of my SUV. Jason wasn't sure what he meant - it pretty much looked past repair. You can't "sugar coat" the damage to the vehicle. Major frame damage, plastic parts of my engine laying on the ground... I'm not sure how insurance won't total it. If they fix it though I would be ok with that! I love my car. It was paid off, I took very good care of it, and it was holding it's value (still worth around $12k). If they do total it, hopefully the check provides a very large downpayment for my next SUV. I am not ready to buy a new SUV. It took me over a year to decide I wanted a Highlander, and two more months to bite the bullet and purchase one. I got a great deal on her too. 

We never made it to the mall. I ordered the shoes online... hope they fit ok. 

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