Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 - Wants, Needs, Hopes, & Dreams

2013 was quite the year. Baby, job loss, car accident. Those are the biggest things that I remember and affected me the most. 

So what do I want out of 2014? What do I need to happen in 2014? And what kind of Hopes and Dreams do I desire for 2014 that will keep me going? 

My biggest concern for 2014 is weight loss. Since having gestational diabetes, it means I am more likely to develop Type 2 Diabetes. And with the other factors, my weight and since my parents have Type 2, I'm like 99.99999% likely to develop Type 2. Unless I lose weight. My doctor and I have discussed how I could avoid Type 2 and hopefully future pregnancy complications by getting my weight back down to a manageable number.  

You can calculate your BMI with a quick formula, or google for one. I like the webmd one. It gives you a couple ideas for your healthy weight range, reminds you the medical complications with being overweight (thanks, my doctor does that too...), and tells you your ideal heart range. I like the "ideal range". The lowest weight for my height is 105 pounds. Since I eat food, that won't be possible. But it's good to know! 

So I have been thinking about my fitness plan for 2014. I thought about some of these a few months ago. I did lose most of my baby weight, having GD helped calm down my weight gain during pregnancy. I probably would have gained 50 pounds, but I only gained 28. I lost almost all of it in the first two weeks, and have maintained since.... even thought breast feeding is supposed to help lost weight. It might be all the Oreos. 

The biggest thing I need to consider with working out is my lack of sports bras and shoes. Pregnancy changed my body and I need to get some new gear. 

I also want to help with my goals by going back to something that tracks my steps, activity, sleep, ect. I loved the Body Bugg I had a few years ago (2009), but the monthly cost is ridiculous. I have been eyeing the FitBit for awhile, and think it might be the best. While the cost is now similar to what a new Body Bugg costs, there is no monthly fee. It's also less bulky and noticable. The more expensive FitBit doubles as a watch.

Instead of putting a bunch of money into fitness gear, I'm going to start with the two most important things I need to get back on the treadmill - new shoes and new sports bras. My birthday present is going to be a new pair of running shoes, fitted. My feet changed and I want to make sure I'm wearing a good pair of shoes. I was fitted back in 2006 in Richmond, Virginia and wore Brooks Adrenaline GTS. After being fitted once, I shopped online for great deals to I never paid full price or them.

So at the moment, I am only going to set one resolution - get back on the treadmill. I want to log at least 20 miles in January. I will also get back to my trainer. At least one day a week in January.

Then I will set some goals in February. Baby steps. 


Loriness said...

Where do you go to get your feet fitted?

Meghan Guilford said...

In STL, Feet Fleet.

It should be free for fitting, but the shoes are full cost,
Ike $125. I buy them and then keep my eye out for deals online.