Saturday, July 26, 2014

The right person for the job

The first week of work..... always so much training! I filled out all the paperwork, read the company handbook, completed over 20 training modules, and completed my 8-hr OSHA Hazwoper refresher. I also started working on some projects. 

I get to take advantage of the $5,000 Dependent Care Account. For those who don't know, it's money taken out pre-tax you can use to pay for daycare expenses. HR emailed me to double check that I knew there were only 11 pay periods left in the year and it would be $455 a paycheck that's taken out. Yep, I'm aware! And daycare will cost us $5,760 the rest of the year. It's currently $240/week. Once I get him potty trained it drops to $195/week. Here's hoping sooner than later! 

Back to all the training. One of the most important phrases I stumbled across in the handbook and a few other modules is that As important is using the right tool for the job, the "available" person might not the "right" person for the job. 

This made me think about how work is assigned. Not so much at the company I am currently at, but at other companies or other departments. Just because you have a job that needs done, doesn't mean the one person available is even capable of doing the job. And in the end, that costs the company time and money. 

So new job, big changes. Liam has started daycare. He's been sick. Twice. He's missed three days of 10. The first week was a practice week and on Tuesday night he started throwing up. On me. Then he projectile vomited all over me. It was amazing. So I kept him home Wednesday so he could sleep in his own bed, but he would have been fine to attend daycare. 

This week, my first week of work. On Wednesday when I picked him up he had a cough. Little phlegm in the back of his throat. When he finally went to bed, he would sleep for 20 minutes and then be up. Around midnight he had a fever, and I figured he had an ear infection because he'd be asleep in my arms, but wake up crying out when placed flat in his crib. At some point it was determined Jason was going to have to stay home and he took over the sleeping - Liam slept on Jason the rest of the night. Liam also refused to eat. 

The next morning, still a fever and Jason stayed home. He got Liam to the doctor who confirmed a double ear infection. My mom was able to come over during the day to "nap" with Liam. He still required being held upright to sleep. He was in a better mood when I got home from work. 

Friday Morning
He slept through the night, but still had a fever. I was able to stay home on Friday. My boss is awesome! My job is awesome. I felt bad even asking, but I did. I had some training to finish, so I could easily do that at home. Liam slept most of the day and allowed me to get my Hazwoper done. 

Liam is still a little feverish, but doing so much better. Along with the antibiotic, we're giving him tylenol/motrin. I'm also diffusing oils in his room (RC, Peppermint, Eucalyptus radiata, and Thieves). I'm also rubbing RC and Peppermint on his back and chest, and rubbing Melaleuca and Melrose around his ears. He's also still getting his own Mix rolled on his feet twice a day. 

Dinner this past week was frozen meals, easy things like Grilled Cheese & Tomato soup, and we picked up Thai food once night. Having frozen meals helped with time after work. It's been interesting to juggle the mornings and evenings. I'll get the hang of it. 

Jason sent me flowers for my first week! Gorgeous on my desk. And yes, I have a window! It's huge... I feel like a vampire and have to close the blinds - to much natural sunlight I'm not used to it. 

I've started to take things to work and make my cubicle my own. And the office is so quiet! The phone barely rings, I sit in a large room with four other people and it's so nice and quiet. 

I'm excited for this new opportunity, new company, new experiences! The company is big on health and fitness and I'll actually be given a FitBit to start tracking my steps/workouts/sleep. Yea, track my sleep.... LOL. Hopefully with Liam going to bed around 7 each night I might be able to begin working out after he goes to bed. I need to figure out how I'll also work in time to see Dave. 

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FeauxCajun said...

that's awesome about the fitbit! be sure to find me & friend me once you have it so we can Cheer each other!

I'm glad that your new place of biz is going well. I hope it's a good fit.