Sunday, September 7, 2014

Long Time.... again

I am BUSY. My free time? What free time?! 

I pretty much haven't blogged since I started my new job, 6 weeks ago! 6 weeks! And it's going so well. Wait. 7 weeks! I just completed my 7th week. I am accomplishing quite a bit, I actually just finished my Priority To-Do list on Friday morning. I am very glad that I waited to go back to work when I was ready. Had I gone back too soon, I think I would have been burnt out or not as focused. 

Work aside, a big milestone came and went! I have a 1 year old!!! He can feed himself -- but it's not perfect. He is 20 pounds and 30 inches. He actually hasn't grown much in the past month. But he's still on track and eating well. He LOVES daycare! I think it's the Cheerio's. He also gets to paint. I think they paint almost every day. But hey, I don't have to deal with clean up! 

Jason and I have been very busy. We're a good team. I couldn't do it without him, he couldn't do it without me. A few weeks ago we were working on folding laundry when my parents stopped by to visit. Before they got there Jason asked if he thought my dad would help fold. After I stopped laughing and changed my pants (cause you know, I peed them from laughing so hard...) But anyway... yea... I didn't witness dad helping too much. So they visited and Jason & I finished our laundry folding. On the way home Dad commented to Mom that he could have helped more when we (me and my siblings) were younger. 

I am very lucky to have found Jason and for him to help as much as he does. Today we made 44 breakfast burritos. And prepped stuffed peppers for tomorrow. And got dinner together - we had Time For Dinner's Buffalo Turkey Burgers and grilled up the Mojito Chicken for Liam and later. We also grilled a ton of veggies. 

I have the recipe for burritos and some other things to post. When I get time. Like in 18 years when Liam goes off to college. His September birthday means I get to pay an extra year of daycare before he starts Kindergarten. Oh goodie. 

Work is encouraging a lot of healthy habits. They give us all Fitbits. Jason and I each have a Flex now. Here we are taking Liam for a walk yesterday. We try to get in 10,000 steps a day. It's hard. Even with walking on the treadmill and a walk around the neighborhood, I didn't get my 10k yesterday. We took another walk today, and I'm currently at 9,985. I'll get the rest of my steps in a few moments. 

I hope to start working out again soon. Liam goes to bed around 7ish. I'm still having to put him to bed, but my time is getting shorter and shorter. I'm hoping to work out after he gets to bed. But I also want to watch my favorite TV shows as they start back up. Who knows, I might just have to give up all TV. :( 


kerwin said...

It's all a juggling act. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a spouse that doesn't help out. We are very lucky!

As for the TV, I think that was one of the biggest changes. We used to watch 2-3 hours of TV a night before we had kids. It's kind of shocking to think about now. But at this stage, we MAYBE get in a 45 minute long stretch before we go to bed. Rick and I both work out after the kids are down so that cuts into the TV as well. We ended up cancelling cable a while back because of it. Just wasn't worth it!

Meghan Guilford said...

I've thought about getting rid of cable in the past. It crosses my mind every now and then. Our internet/cable bill used to be $67 but it's gone up to $75 recently due to a small increase in cable and taxes. Of that total, $21.99 is our cable fee. Which includes a Fox sports Midwest.

If we ever move, we'll just get internet, have amazon prime, maybe Hulu Plus and is prefer the MLB long as they include local games... I don't want to pay $100 for tv/internet.