Monday, January 19, 2015

21 Day Fix - Week 2 Working Out, Week 3 Following the Food plan

Jason and I have completed two full weeks of eating the correct portions as allocated on the 21 Day Fix Plan. 

While I am not as concerned about weight, in 19 days Jason has lost 10 pounds and I've lost 8.6. On February 4th I'll make the "official" one-month weigh in and also do some measurements. I'm not posting my actual measurements, but I'll post how many inches I've lost. :) 

Meal planning is hard work! I try to concentrate with what we are having for dinner and then work around that. Snacks are my hardest, especially since I am supposed to get in 5 proteins a day! I usually have to make due with an extra protein shake, cottage cheese, or greek yogurt. I was trying to share my meal plan via google docs, but let's just say it's getting late, I'm getting tired, and I'll figure it out later. 

I completed one full week of the 21 Day Fix work outs. They are great. Leg day sucks. Really really sucks. Pilates is kinda weird, but my favorite was the Dirty 30 workout. All the 21 Day Fix workouts are 30 minutes. so it's easy to keep on track with workouts. I squeeze them in after Liam has gone to bed. I'm wearing the HR7 heart rate monitor strap which logs into my iPhone app. I do this mostly so I can get the extra points for Vitality.....but, I'm also able to track my workouts and it's really cool to see how much I've worked out!! I've completed more workouts this MONTH than I think I did all last year. So go me!! 

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