Tuesday, January 27, 2015

21 Day Fix - Week 3 Working Out, Week 4 Food plan

I can boast a 10-pound weight loss in the first 19 days of January! I'm feeling pretty good about it. Even though last Saturday I indulged a little too much at dinner, and I know that this Saturday will be similar, I'm not letting those set me back. In fact, I doubled up last Saturday and did 2 workouts -- Upper and Lower Fix. It felt great to be able to knock out an hour! 

I realized today that when I miss a day or two, I take a step back. Today I got winded during the exercise and had to pause it at 15-minutes to catch my break. The old Meghan would have turned off the DVD or let the video continue while she caught her breathe -- missing the next exercise (or four....) But I'd rather pause it and take an extra minute break. 

This week we've had a great menu. Turkey Meatloaf, Chicken Fajitas, even Beef Stew is planned for Thursday night! Next week we're going back to basics -- grilled chicken most nights, some fish, maybe a steak night. This should re-jump our weight loss as I begin the second round of DVDs and we continue on with the meal plan. 

Here's the calendar of workouts so far! Looking good! 3+ hours a week!! Seriously, WHO IS THIS GIRL? 

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