Sunday, February 8, 2015

21 Day Fix - A bad week

So this week (Monday February 2 to Sunday February 8) wasn't the best. It was supposed to be our "Back to Basics" week to rejump our weight loss after a really rough weekend eating an AMAZING dinner Saturday night and horrible eating Sunday between leftovers and the Superbowl. Well, life happened.

The challenge group leader posted something that we all have to remember. I'm only one-month into this journey. And even though I had a rough week, I am one month healthier. I have one month of workouts behind me. I have one month of healthy eating behind me. This is a long journey and I will other bad weeks. It's how I handle the weeks after the bad ones that matters.  

Last Saturday, my company had our (very late) holiday party. We had dinner at Trattoria Marcella and it was amazing. AMAZING. I'm not sure there's enough AMAZINGs to describe this place. If you go - and you must go - get the Toasted Raviolis (T-Ravs), Meatballs or Lasagna, and Tiramisu. And split it with like 3 other people. Best food ever! I can't wait to go back. Like in a year, when my arteries have recovered. 

Sunday we tried to keep it simple with Nacho's for the Superbowl. (And Jason got some wings from Hooters.) I have a healthy and delicious homemade wing recipe, but you have to make like 4-dozen, and it takes a couple hours. But they are really good. I might have to make them again.

So back to the nachos. We did ok, except I ate too many chips. I did make the nachos fairly healthy - aside from the chips. We didn't have any fake cheese - used shredded cheese. I browned some ground beef with seasonings, and then we added lettuce and tomatoes and our homemade salsa. I didn't add Sour Cream! (Big change!) The nachos were very filling.

The workouts this week weren't up to par either. I got in my Monday workout. On Tuesday afternoon I picked up a sick kiddo from daycare and after being puked on and all the clean ups, I didn't get in a workout Tuesday night. We also had calzones from the freezer. Normally I would have had Jason pick up McDonalds, so at least we had a change there! Liam stayed home on Wednesday and while he napped I did get in a workout. I had a migraine Thursday and wasn't able to work out.

Friday night we had tickets to Disney Junior Live, with a dinner beforehand. I was supposed to work out when we got home, but didn't. I got in my Saturday workout and 10K steps. Sunday I slacked a little and just got in the 10k steps with a walk around the neighborhood. It's the first week since the start of the year that I didn't qualify for the "5th Workout of the Week" Vitality* points.

This week, I've planned better. We don't even have junk food in the house to ruin the diet with. For those interested - I have my meal plans posted on my google drive account and they are accessible through the Meal Planning Link at the top of my blog.

The only downfall this week is the Office Potluck. I'm making meatballs and Buffalo Chicken Chili. Someone else is bring Turkey Tacos, chili, there will also be Bacon and Salad. There's also Valentine's Day. We are going out to breakfast at The Original Pancake House. For dinner I plan to make a Sausage & Tortellini dish. It's not the healthiest, but we can at least control our dinner calories.

I'm going to aim to do morning workouts. I know it'll be better to get them out of the way. It's tough because the basement is cold. Additionally, the new TV we bought in December has to be returned. It's an RCA, 40-inch, smart, with DVD player. Well, it doesn't connect to digital cable and you need a converter box (even though it says Digital Tuner.) So I was learning to adjust to still needing two remotes. BUT, the DVD player has been intermittently working and then it's just stopped working. I wanted a smart TV and wanted *ONE* remote. But I still needed two, and well, at this point we are going back to our old TV and DVD player. We'll try to purchase a new smart TV sometime this year. Our upstairs TV has three remotes - TV, DVR/DVD, and ROKU. And we have two in the bedroom - TV/DVD and Amazon Prime. Might as well realize downstairs we'll probably need TV/ROKU and DVD player. OR, maybe we'll move the TV from upstairs downstairs and buy a new TV for the living room. <-- This is the test to see if my husband reads my blogs all the way through. ;-)

Vitality = A program through work where we earn points towards Amazon gift cards and gear (like fitbits and polar items.) It also is a way to reduce our health care costs. We earn points for steps, workouts (when I wear the Polar Heart rate monitor), taking online quizzes, meetings goals set for us, and having our bloodwork completed. We've earned $400 in amazon gift cards since we started in August. And I say we because Jason and I are a team. He earns points too. I also get points for vaccinating Liam, and getting flu shots and going to the dentist.

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