Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What can a "cleaner" diet do for you?


Most people are told they need to lower their cholesterol. I won't go into details - we all know why, high cholesterol = elevated heart attack risk. But how do you lower it? That's so much harder!! The answer you're always given is Diet & Exercise. Well that's kinda general, right? And how long will it take? It can take a while. But, if you work hard and make a lot of changes, you can get your numbers down too! 

How did I do it? Note - I did this in TWO months, not necessarily five. My eating habits last September through December didn't change. Probably got worse actually.

For those paying attention -- why the sudden drop from July 2009 to November in 2010? Unemployment plus a new job. I lost my job in February 2009 and then lost 30+ pounds. Started a new job in June 2009 and my eating and exercising went out the window. Look what a YEAR can do!

When I got engaged (August 2011), my total cholesterol (the blue line) was still high and peaking, and the triglycerides weren't going anywhere either. My doctor told me if I wanted to have a baby, I had to get my cholesterol numbers down because you can't be on the medication and pregnant. So I did. They weren't perfect, but April 2012 showed improvement.

So I had my baby (September 2013) and then let my eating habits get the best of me again. And I was home, eating Sloppy Joe Burritos and Oreos. Then I started the new job (July 2014) and the new diet (January 2015).

2015 is still all about change. My scale hasn't moved in a little while, but look at this non-scale victory!! My doctor says to keep it up. While I crave a few junk items, I don't crave fast food. The only thing I really crave and miss is chips. And I eat them every once in a while. We had Mexican this past weekend. And I got the chimichanga . Because that's what I crave. Chips and a fried burrito. :)  So once every 3 months I'll go get one.

My other cravings include the simple things like White Bread Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup (it was just winter...), Chocolate, Soda, and Cookies. I have to feed those cravings every now and then, but it's a lot less frequency and a lot less quantity then before the new year. 

I have been drinking a daily protein shake too. Big splurge and I drink the Beach Body's Shakeology. I'm not sure if everything that's packed into helps, but it can't be hurting. It also satisfies my chocolate & sweet craving 99% of the time. 

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