Monday, November 2, 2015

8 Weeks Left - Accountability

To begin with, I am human. A busy busy human. It's been very hard to juggle these past few weeks and weekends. I struggle like everyone else in trying to juggle a 40-50 hour work week while co-running a household and co-parenting. It's f'n hard sometimes.

Here's the numbers.
10/10 - 207.2
10/17 - 210.8
10/24 - 210.6
10/31 - 211.0

Oh, trending upward? That'd be nice if it was my bank account. But it's not. And I'm pretty sure the scale isn't broken. I am pretty sure I ate a lot of Fun size Twix. They aren't so fun when they show up on the scale. 

I'm not happy with those numbers. And it's my own fault. The work outs have slacked back to 2-3 times a week. The bad eating has increased to 2-3 times a week. I let soda back in my life. And a few donuts. And the aforementioned twix. 

Overall, I am making bad health decisions. Nothing I'm doing will actually harm me, but what I'm doing doesn't help me meet my goal and be a product of what I am doing and promoting.

So my November goals:
  • Start and finish 21 Day Fix; 
  • Drink Shakeology Daily; 
  • Practice the 80-20 Rule; 
  • Be accountable -  Post the bad and the good; 
  • Commit to one hour of Personal Development each night.
I plan to start Hammer and Chisel as soon as it's released. I plan to start 2016 in waaaay better shape then I started 2015


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